ICE SMARTglasses- the next generation computing in field services & cleaning operatives

ICE Smart Glasses

Smartglasses are the next revolution in cleaning equipment. They increase productivity and improve training for your staff. Purchase today.

ICE SMARTglasses are the most efficient way to receive real-time information and record data. They provide optimum mobility and information access for the wearer. The built in Augmented Reality with audio and visual overlays they delivery better real-time capabilities and information than other mobile devices.


SMARTglasses work seamlessly with SMARTcall. Ensuring that we can reduce wasted visits and increasing both productivity and training for your staff in turn minimising downtime. The ergonomic nature of this innovation means that SMARTglasses can be utilised in both engineering and operative roles.


Today’s engineers are responsible for servicing a large range of products that are constantly being improved, and with technology advancing so quickly it is difficult to stay current. Every field service engineer strives for a high first-time fix rate, however 25% of service calls require follow-up visits, often the result of a lack of training, experience, and information lead to incorrect diagnoses.


There is lots of technology available, only 52% of field service organisations still coordinate, perform, and document their tasks manually; fewer still use any form of mobile handheld devices. Here at ICE we all our engineers have tablets and update our system in real-time ensuring that our customers are always seeing the most up to date data.


The best interface between this growing digital content and the technician in the field is Augmented Reality (AR), ideally in the form of hands-free Smart Glasses that will utterly transform how technicians approach service.


This is where we know the future is going although, at present, most service workers do not have hands-free mobile access to their companies’ knowledge banks. And a smart phone is not enough.


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