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Reduce your water and chemical waste with our innovative Aqua Smart Units. Purchase your Aqua Smart on our website or contact us to find out more.

Aqua Smart

The ICE Aqua Smart is our solution to reduce chemical usage and consumption. There has been a recent steer away from harsh chemicals towards more sustainable methods of cleaning. Although strong disinfectants sanitise surfaces thoroughly and quickly, they are not always the best for the environment. In order to make changes, we need to revaluate the way we clean.

Our clever Aqua Smart reduces the need for single-use plastics as no replacement cartridges are needed. This makes our products far better for the environment, eliminating the ongoing maintenance associated with stabilising products. More of our machines use recycled and filtered water to clean surfaces effectively.

Our Aqua Smart machines use a natural cleaner and sanitiser we have named the Aqueous Ozone. This liquid is completely harmless to humans and animals but produces a clean just as good as one performed with chemicals. Our Aqueous Ozone has been proven to be more powerful than bleach, providing you with a deep clean that lasts.

Ice aqua smart

Benefits Of The Aqua Smart

The Aqua Smart comes in lots of different forms to suit your needs. It is a powerful deodoriser that works effectively against viruses, mould and other bacteria. We know more than ever how important it is to clean your environment thoroughly to prevent the spread of these diseases. Keep your workspace sanitised with Aqua Smart.

Our machines are safe and simple to operate. This means your staff can easily reduce the risk of infection with ease. No COSHH training this required with our Aqua Smart, which means you can begin using it straight away with no hassle. However, if you did require extra training tips on our machines, we have a plethora of videos on our website.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of the Aqua Smart is its ability to reduce chemical use. In the long run, this is better for the environment, helping towards the journey of saving the planet. Our sanitising liquids are extremely effective against the spread of bacteria, keeping your work environment clean and safe for your employees.

Aqua Smart Max o3

If you work in a larger establishment, such as a hospital or a school, the Aqua Smart Max is the perfect solution for you. It produces up to 11 litres of Aqueous Ozone a minute, ensuring that big cleaning tasks can be completed easily. If you are using products on a large scale, our solutions will help reduce your chemical usage and environmental impact.

Our Aqua Smart Max needs no replacement cartridges, so you won’t have to worry about stocking up on stabilising products or changeable parts. Our cleaning equipment uses sustainable and natural liquids to ensure they are completely safe to use. Use our products to perform thorough daily sanitisation in your business.

Ice aqua Smart o3

Aqua Smart Mini o3

The Aqua Smart Mini is the perfect solution for establishments that don’t need to complete huge industrial style cleans. It works on a much smaller scale, producing up to 2 litres of Aqueous Ozone in one minute. This makes it ideal for use in the retail sector and office buildings, where cleaning often needs to be completed quickly and thoroughly.

Like all our other products in the range, our Aqua Smart Mini results in a powerful yet cost-effective clean. Save yourself essential time and money with our clever products that keep delivering for years. Our cleaning equipment is made to withstand continuous use, so you can perform daily tasks without worrying about replacing our machines.

Ice aqua smart mini

In Aqua Unit

Our innovative In Aqua Unit cleans the dirty water from your scrubber dryer by separating and filtering it so the water can be used again. The dirty water is directly loaded into the unit, and within 30 minutes, the process is complete. The dirt is separated and collected in bags, and the clean water can either be re-used or disposed of.

The In Aqua Unit can hold an incredible 150 litres of water, meaning it can be used on a large scale to reduce waste and costs. The free-standing system can be used with any type of scrubber dryer, making it a versatile option for your business. This water recycling system reduces your overall impact on the environment.

This machine comes with an interactive display, making it incredibly easy to operate. The unit is complete with caster wheels on the underside, allowing it to move freely. Reduce the cost and time associated with water waste management with our In Aqua Unit that does most of the hard work for you.

Ice aqua smart unit

Aqua Smart Prices

We have a selection of Aqua Smart units to choose from to suit your business. If you are interested in our sustainable cleaning equipment, you can purchase it on our website.

Alternatively, if you have any further questions, you can fill out our online contact form. Call us on 0800 389 3869 to speak with one of our friendly team and discuss pricing.