Back To School Sanitisation

back to school sanitisation

Purchase our cleaning equipment to make back to school sanitising tasks that bit easier. We have a range of handheld and automated machines to choose from.

Back To School Sanitisation


In the return back to school, it is important that we ensure work surfaces, tables and chairs are completely sanitised. As a result of daily cleaning, this greatly reduces the risk of the spread of infection. It is now our responsibility to ensure the ongoing health of our colleagues and pupils, a task made easier with the help of our innovative sanitising cleaning equipment.  


Cleaning, disinfecting and hand hygiene are all core principles we should begin instilling in one another. It is now more important than ever to reduce the risk of Covid 19 and other harmful viruses that have the ability to spread quickly. We make everyday cleaning operations as efficient and straightforward as possible to ensure you aren’t spending hours on unnecessary labour.


We aim to make back to school sanitisation as stress-free as possible with our machines that come as handheld or automated. At ICE, we have a huge range of cleaning equipment to rent or purchase; we guarantee you will be able to find something to suit the needs of your school. Reduce the risk of the spread of germs and bacteria in your educational establishment with our equipment.


back to school sanitisation


Simplifying Sanitisation In Schools


After a year and a half of restrictions, back to school sanitisation can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. The reality is it doesn’t have to be, as disinfection duties can be extremely straightforward. We use the latest technology within our equipment to make these daily routines as efficient for everyone as possible. Our machines use wide nozzles that can be easily controlled.


To make back to school sanitisation as sustainable as possible, we make sure our cleaning equipment is free from any harsh chemicals or detergents. We aim to reduce chemical usage dramatically as well as the use of single-use plastics. Our equipment uses sanitisers that are non-toxic but are just as powerful as other traditional alternatives such as bleach.


Comprehensive training is provided with all our cleaning equipment to make back to school sanitisation safe for the operator and those around them. We have a range of detailed training videos on our website to help guide you through the controls and how to use them. Our friendly team of engineers are also always available to answer any queries you may have.


ICE Sanitising Station (Auto)


sanitising machines for schools


Sanitising several times a day has become a normal part of our everyday lives. It is imperative this continues in order to prevent the spread of harmful viruses, especially in the school environment. We offer our customers a simple to use ICE sanitising station that is incredibly easy to operate. Due to its robust nature, it is able to be used repeatedly without compromising on its performance.


The ICE sanitising station operates on AA batteries to make back to school sanitisation quick for all your pupils. It is a simple and safe way for people to clean and disinfect their hands between lessons quickly. When you place your hands directly below the hand dispenser, a small amount of sanitiser is dispensed from the machine. It is the perfect solution to fight bacteria and viruses.


Because the machine is automated, you do not have to touch it to release the sanitiser. Not only is it far more efficient, but it also reduces the number of surfaces you have to come into contact with. Our reliable cleaning equipment can be easily purchased online, meaning you could be benefitting from our modern machines sooner than you may think.


ICE E-Spray


back to school sanitisation cost


For larger back to school sanitisation tasks, look at our ICE E-Spray. This clever machine quickly disperses a fine mist of disinfectant to kill viruses and bacteria. The round nozzle can be easily controlled so that you can direct the spray in any direction. They are ideal for use in school gyms or changing rooms where humid conditions can cause harmful viruses to spread.


The fine sanitising spray is produced by an electrostatic charge to ensure an even mist that is powerful and effective. The solution we use in our machines is attracted to surfaces, clinging on to them to guarantee they are cleaned to the highest standards. Surfaces are dry and completely sanitised within five minutes, allowing you to use the space again almost straight away.


Back to school sanitisation doesn’t have to be laborious. Our ICE E-Spray is extremely lightweight, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. Powered by a lithium battery, its cordless nature means it can be used continuously without the hassle of a long cable and plug. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to use, making everyday cleaning tasks far more enjoyable.


The Cost Of Back To School Sanitisation

Whatever your budget, we can supply powerful and reliable cleaning equipment that makes those back to school sanitisation procedures considerably more straightforward. They can be purchased through our website


If you have any more questions regarding the products we sell, please fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, call us on 0800 389 3869 to speak with an expert directly.