Back To Work Precautions

back to work cleaning precautions

Put in place the necessary back to work precautions with us. We are the UK's leading supplier of industrial cleaning equipment. Purchase from us today.

Back To Work Precautions

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, it is important that all businesses put in place back to work precautions. This may include making sure surfaces are continually sanitised or ensuring staff regularly wash their hands. Whatever the measures you put in place, these have to be performed to the highest standard to prevent the spread of infection.

We make it easier for you to complete these daily cleaning tasks without any hassle. From ride-on machines to innovative hand-held devices, we have everything you need to save you time and money. Managing the safe return back to work is important, and we hope to make this process simpler with our cleaning equipment. Explore our extensive range of machines.

 As the precautions associated with the Covid 19 pandemic continue to evolve, it is imperative that everyone keeps up to date with the latest procedures expected of a business. Our range of cleaning equipment has been proven to deliver outstanding sanitisation, giving you complete peace of mind that your environment is safe and risk-free.

Making Back To Work Precautions Easier

Social distancing and maintaining a clean work environment are crucial to prevent the possible spread of infection. Keeping on top of your daily cleaning schedule is now more important than ever, as hygiene standards should never be ignored. As businesses begin to open once more, employers must put in place back to work precautions to ensure the safety of their staff.

Sanitisation majorly reduces the chance for viruses and bacteria to spread. Consistently maintaining a clean working environment reduces the chance of potential infection. We make the move from working at home to being back in the office easier with our innovative cleaning equipment. Our industrial machines can clear large areas quickly and efficiently.

Reduce the risk for potential accidents with our ride-on machines. These clear corridors and large spaces, eliminating spills and debris that may have been collected in the day. Keep your work environment looking presentable with our products that are available for both long term and short term hire. We cater to your needs and specifications.

ICE Steam

Use the ICE Steam as part of your back to work precaution plan. This innovative hand-held device cleans hard to reach places with ease. It is completely safe to use, utilising steam to effectively disinfect surfaces fast. Not only does this reduce your labour time, but it also saves you money on chemical costs. It is a revolutionary way of sanitising.

After training is provided, the ICE Steam can be used by the operator to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria. The funnel can be used to direct the steam into all corners of a room. This means no area is missed as the machine does an excellent job at disinfecting large surfaces. It is lightweight, allowing it to be manoeuvred easily.

Back to work precautions

ICE Sanex

Make sure your back to work precautions are met with our ICE Sanex. This handy, portable device is the perfect sanitising machine. It is ideal for use in any sector due to its versatile nature and compact size. Weighing at just 8kg, it boasts an impressive power of 230V. It is suitable for sanitising and deodorising different surfaces effectively.

The ICE Sanex works by producing a thin veil of atomised disinfectant particles that are attracted to bacteria. These particles then settle on surfaces to completely disinfect them. Give your business a thorough clean with our spray machines that make light work of any task. The Sanex range operates on small wheels so that it can be transferred from room to room.

back to work cleaning precautions

ICE Co-Botics

When returning back to work it is incredibly important that everyone follows the necessary precautions. However, we understand how laborious cleaning regimes can be; that’s why we created our ICE Co-Botics range. These clever machines do the hard work for you, automatically improving the wellbeing and hygiene of your workspace.

Autonomous cleaning is becoming an ever-popular method, taken up by many businesses globally. Our ICE Co-Botics are not only reliable, but they are incredibly safe to operate. They use a water recycling system to clean and disinfect large floor expanses, saving you essential time and money. The machines can run continuously for hours.

If you are worried about setting out your back to work precaution guidelines, look to us to make this a little easier. With our sanitising machines, you can spend less time on labour and more time on the things that matter in your business. Place your trust in us to deliver unrivalled results at affordable prices.

back to work precaution guidelines

Workplace Cleaning Costs

Explore our products to reduce the costs you spend on your back to work precautions. You can purchase equipment on our website or look at our long term and short term hire options.

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