Birkin Place | Largest Robotic Order

Automated cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. ICE has launched our co-biotics range, a move towards increased efficiency. Contact us for pricing.

Birkin are truly embracing autonomous floor cleaning as part of their forward-thinking strategy, after investing in a fleet of 13 machines from ICE’s recently launched Co-Botics range. This means they now have the largest robotic scrubber dryer fleet in Europe!


The machines include the new ICE Eco Vac 40, Eco Bot 50 (small scrubber dryer), and Eco Bot 75 (large scrubber dryer), and these will be installed at various schools across London, Essex, and Milton Keynes.


Birkin are convinced that introducing autonomous equipment will result in increased efficiency as the schools have long corridors which take the operatives a long time to clean. The Co-Bots will be utilised to clean the floors whilst the valuable labour resource focuses on detailed cleaning tasks such as sanitising and deep cleaning.



They also see real value in deploying autonomous equipment to support in the fight against viruses. The Co-Botic equipment helps with socially distanced cleaning and will be able to support cleaning with minimal human interaction should there be any future outbreaks or lockdown situations.


Soo Bartholomew, Technical Director at Birkin said “Having been working in the cleaning industry now for over 35 years, starting as a cleaning operative myself in a local school (and being a confirmed skeptic), I have seen the development of these machines over the last 17 years and know that now is the right time to start deploying them. The advances in the technology and reliability will now greatly assist and enhance the cleaning operation, particularly at this time with the global pandemic on-going and the workforce diminishing. I especially like the term ‘Co-Botics’ as it is not about replacing people, it is about working with the machines to deliver a more efficient, clean and COVID secure result. We are pleased to partner with ICE as our supplier and innovation lead at this time, as their range meets our needs and that of our clients.”


Darren Marston, Chairman of ICE said “We are delighted that Birkin share our long-standing belief and have the vision to invest in a meaningful fleet to deploy at both existing sites and new contracts as and when required. The demand for Co-Botics is really gathering pace and we have a strong order book fuelled by the heightened priorities for infection control at an appropriate distance. Birkin are certainly on the front of the curve, demonstrated by integrating these machines into the daily cleaning operations of many of their clients.