Choosing The Right Industrial Floor Scrubber

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Choosing The Right Industrial Floor Scrubber

Choosing the right industrial floor scrubber is easy with the help of our professional team. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a range of scrubbers, all of which will provide a deep clean. Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, they should be put to use in areas such as retail, industry and warehouses. Our industrial floor scrubbers have been supplied to reputable manufacturers across the country.

The great thing about the ICE Scrub is just how versatile it is, meaning is it perfect for a wide range of uses. Available in a selection of models, we make it easy for our customers to find the right machine for their requirements. Simple to use, they will provide a powerful clean that lasts, significantly reducing the risk of bacteria and viruses. Eliminate any spills and hazards with our industrial cleaning machines.

User friendly and practical, the ICE scrub is our answer to your cleaning woes. Easy to manoeuvre around any obstacles, this innovative machine makes for efficient cleaning as it won’t disrupt the running of your business. The durable bristles on the underside of the scrubber mean trodden dirt and grime is able to be lifted from any surface. Discover the power of our modern equipment.

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What Is An Industrial Floor Scrubber?

An industrial floor scrubber is the easy and efficient way of cleaning large surfaces quickly. Made with more power means it can provide greater productivity for your workforce. With its large base and high brush pressure, the tough bristles are able to lift dirt and grime with ease. Our machines can be used on a variety of hardwood floors, including laminate, wood, stone, marble and traditional tiles.

One of the main things to consider when choosing the right industrial floor scrubber is whether you require a brush or a pad. Both of these are effective on hardwood surfaces, helping restore a space to its former glory. Because of the quality parts in our floor scrubbers, they provide the most powerful clean in minutes, while the user interface makes our machines extremely easy to operate.

Why Choose The ICE Scrub?

Choosing the right industrial floor scrubber for your business could significantly improve the productivity of your workforce. Sustainable and low maintenance, our market-leading industrial cleaning equipment could revolutionise your current cleaning regime. Remove any unwanted spills and hazards with our innovative ICE Scrub that comes in a range of sizes and specifications depending on your needs.

When you choose the ICE Scrub, you will be given full support and training by one of our expert engineers. On our website, you will find a host of exclusive training videos that will talk you through how to use our machines safely. As well as this, you will be able to contact one of our friendly engineers anytime using our handy ICE App. You will be able to get in touch directly with a member of our team here.


Consider the size of the area you want to clean when purchasing the right industrial floor scrubber. Choose a larger machine if you are covering a big surface area, or opt for something smaller and more mobile for tighter workspaces. Effective on concrete and natural stone, the bristles will never disrupt or damage the surface itself, meaning everything will be kept in pristine condition after cleaning.

The great thing about the ICE Scrub is that it can be used around your customers. Because it is so easy to operate and it is quiet too, it will cause very little disruption to your business. If you are looking to clean a shopping centre, our industrial cleaning equipment can be used during working hours, saving you a considerable amount of time in the long run. Invest in our innovative solutions today.

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Purchase Online

We make it easy for you to purchase your new equipment online. Once you have chosen the right industrial floor scrubber for you, contact us to get the process started. Our expert team will be able to offer you their professional advice, helping you to decide on the best machine to suit your business. We aim to make the whole process incredibly straightforward, listening to you at every stage.

Industrial Floor Scrubber Prices

Once you have chosen the right industrial floor scrubber, you are ready to purchase! We have a range of machines available in various sizes.

If you have any further questions for our team, please get in touch using our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 389 3869.