Cleaning in Healthcare

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Cleaning in healthcare establishments is important to maintain the highest levels of hygiene standards. Purchase cleaning equipment on our website.

Cleaning in Healthcare

It is important to ensure cleaning in healthcare establishments is performed to the highest standards. Sanitising work areas will help prevent the spread of dangerous diseases, keeping areas as safe as they can be. Coordinating your cleaning schedule will prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Hospitals and care homes are both places that need to be cleaned several times daily.

We provide equipment that makes it easier to clean your health care establishment.  Keeping these places sanitised is crucial to ensure the safety of your patients. Now more than ever, we understand the huge impact uncontrolled viruses have on our society. Reduce the risk to you and your patients with our sophisticated cleaning equipment that can tackle even the hardest jobs quickly and efficiently.

The importance of cleaning in healthcare is widely known. However, many establishments still rely on old methods to get the job done. At ICE, we use the latest technology and innovative ideas to reduce your time and costs. Our effective methods work in all kinds of environments to maintain outstanding hygiene levels.

cleaning in healthcare prices

The Importance Of Cleaning in Healthcare

Maintaining a good cleaning regime in healthcare is vital in preventing the spread of infection. We help to make your life easier by providing you with the highest quality machines. From sanitising equipment to our ICE Aqua Smart, our products are not only powerful but they reduce chemical usage and the consumption of single-use plastics.

We strive to make our solutions as sustainable as possible. Our wide range of equipment means you are guaranteed to find something suitable for your needs. We have a selection of hand-held and ride-on devices to make cleaning your establishment as straightforward as possible. Reduce risk with our clever machines.

Full training is provided with our cleaning equipment to ensure it is being used safely and correctly. We have a plethora of training videos to look through, and our friendly team of experts are always happy to help wherever needed. We pride ourselves on the experience we offer our customers, from asset management to maintenance.

Types Of Cleaning in Healthcare

There are a number of cleaning tasks that happen daily in healthcare establishments. These include using liquid, powders and sprays to remove dirt and bacteria. We reduce the amount of harsh chemicals and water we use to produce cleaning methods that are better for the environment. We recycle the water in our equipment and filter it to be reused.

From using cleaning solutions to disinfectant fogging, there are a number of methods involved in cleaning in healthcare. Our large industrial machines can tackle long corridors and open spaces. Eliminating any spills and rubbish further reduces the likelihood of an accident. Our cleaning machines can be used continually without losing their power.

Traditional methods like a mop and bucket no longer deliver the cleaning standards expected in healthcare establishments. It is important hygiene levels are consistently maintained to ensure the ongoing health of your patients. Our industrial equipment kills pathogens and other microbes, reducing the overall risk level of your environment.

ICE Fogger

We have a range of products in our sanitiser line, including hand-held and ride-on sanitising machines. The ICE fogger is becoming an increasingly popular method of disinfecting large areas quickly and safely. It is crucial in healthcare to eliminate the risk of further infection to create a clean and sanitised environment.

With a weight of just 3.75 Kg, our lightweight ICE Fogger is easy to use and manoeuvre. As well as this, it boasts an unlamented charge and run time, meaning you can use your machine continuously within the risk of it losing power. With a low noise level, the ICE fogger can be used during the day without disrupting those around you.

Cleaning in healthcare

ICE E-Spray

This is a professional sanitising spray gun that is lightweight and simple to operate. It evenly distributes a disinfectant solution to clean surfaces to the highest standards. Due to the electrostatic charge produced, the solution is attracted to surfaces to kill viruses and bacteria. The ICE E-Spray leaves surfaces dry and sanitised in just five minutes.   

Our spray guns come with a lithium battery to ensure you aren’t limited by a cable. They are incredibly comfortable to use, and the long battery life means you can sanitise for hours. Training videos accompany all our products, so you can be up to date with the latest safety procedures and the skills needed to operate your equipment safely.

Cleaning In Healthcare Prices

Make sure the cleaning in your healthcare establishment is completed to the highest standards with our cleaning products. As the UK’s largest provider of cleaning machines, we guarantee you will find something to suit your needs.

Purchase our equipment on our website. Alternatively, if you have any further questions fill out our contact form. Call us on 0800 389 3869 to speak with one of our experts directly to discuss pricing.