Cleaning Shopping Centres

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Cleaning Shopping Centres

We offer a selection of specialist equipment perfect for cleaning shopping centres. Our portable, lightweight products can be easily manoeuvred around any obstacle. Easy to use and cost effective, our equipment can clear any surface, making areas safe for members of the public.

Cleaning a shopping centre requires machines of all different sizes. From escalators to large expansive areas of hard floor, we can provide you with the tools you need to clean these areas. Our innovative and modern designs work quickly to clear spaces and remove any spills or stains that may have occurred throughout the day.

ICE Esc Clean

The ICE Esc Clean is an effective way of keeping escalators and travelators safe and clean. Because an escalator surface is uneven, it requires a special type of machine to ensure a high cleaning standard is achieved.  To get between the groves and notches in stairs and escalators, you will have to invest in cleaning equipment that can tackle those difficult to reach places. The ICE Esc range includes the ICE E100, ICE Esc Clean 24, ICE Multiwash, ICE T600 and ICE X46.

Leave your shopping centres spotless with clean escalators. Keeping your escalators clean is a key part of maintaining hygiene levels and overall image. As the most expensive feature in any shopping centre, the escalator should be looked after just as well as other elements of the building. On average, they are only cleaned around every 6-8 months when in reality they should be cleaned weekly or even monthly to keep performing at their best.

At ICE, we want to make cleaning shopping centres as cost effective and thorough as possible. That’s why our modern designs are manufactured to be used regularly, providing high performance results each time. REN clean can to fit their solutions to any brand or size of escalator, cleaning it in minutes rather than hours. Clean your shopping centre quickly with our products. The more you clean travelators and escalators, the more you reduce the risk of oil and grease accumulating.

Keep your travelators working at an optimum rate and lower maintenance and repair costs with our equipment that promises to save you time and money. Conveniently, you don’t have to take an escalator apart to clean it thoroughly. Previously, they were cleaned by taking the parts out separately. This was timely and expensive. We eliminate those issues with our ICE Esc range that never compromises on performance.

Cleaning Shopping Centres

ICE Eco Disc

The ICE Eco Disc range can clean shopping centre hard flooring quickly and with ease. Our extensive list of single disc machines scrub, polish or burnish all types of hard surfaces. Due to its compact and lightweight nature, it can be easily manoeuvred and lifted in any space. The device is small, meaning it can easily work into tight corners and around features such as stairs and bollards.  The range includes the ICE Eco Disc 200, ICE Eco Disc 400, ICE Eco Disc Compact O, ICE Eco Disc Duo, ICE Eco Disc Mini, ICE Eco Disc Orbital, ICE Eco Disc UHS and ICE Eco Disc UHS B.

The compact and convenient tools in our ranges can scrub, polish or burnish all types of hard floors. Our ICE Eco Disc machine is suitable for cleaning all types of shopping centre floor. They all come with a variety of different pad choices, rotation speeds, mains and battery-powered options to choose from. The buffering and scrubbing motions of the machines get rid of deeply ingrained stains and dirt to reveal hard surfaces that look like new.

Spray, buff or wax shopping centre floors with our specialist equipment. These machines have so many functions; we guarantee they will suit your requirements. In addition to these incredible features, our ICE Eco Disc is one of the quietest on the market. This is a great option for those looking to reduce noise in environments like shopping centres that are already loud and overcrowded. Reduce the risk of accidents in these areas by keeping them immaculately clean with our products.

The low noise level produced by our equipment means you can clean shopping centres and retail parks without having to disrupt any of your customers. Our designs are made to be incredibly easy to use so that the user can operate our equipment with ease. Changing pads on our machines is also an easy and fast process. The ICE Eco Disc will be particularly effective on wood, concrete or marble flooring, eliminating spills and stains to reduce marks.

Shopping Centre Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Shopping Centres Prices

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