Cleaning Warehouses

ICE cleaning warehouses

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Cleaning Warehouses

Clean your warehouse quickly and efficiently with our industrial cleaning equipment guaranteed to give you the best results. Our range of ride-on scrubbers are perfect for cleaning large hard surfaces such as a warehouse floor. Our extensive range of sophisticated equipment is the ideal solution for your cleaning needs.

At ICE, we know how important it is to keep your warehouse floors clean to avoid accidents from occurring. Reduce spills, stains and debris left on your warehouse floor by cleaning them regularly with our industrial machines. They contain a large scrubbing width, larger water tank capacity, all of which result in increased productivity.

ICE R Scrub

The ICE R Scrub is an excellent machine to increase productivity levels and save time on cleaning warehouses. The large rotating scrubbing brushes located on the underside of the vehicle will give your hard floor a consistent and uniform clean. Ensure all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with our equipment that is specially designed to tackle large areas. Reduce the money and time spent on manual labour and free up your time to focus on other important tasks.

Increase the productivity of your workforce with our scrubbing machines that are designed to clean warehouses effectively. The ICE R Scrub has been manufactured to clear large industrial and commercial property floors with ease. The scrubber contains two tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. Each has the capacity to hold large volumes of water, meaning you can use your machine for a long period without the need to empty the tanks.

Cleaning a warehouse has never been easier with our devices that deep clean hard surfaces quickly. Our versatile range can tackle any job and navigate aisles with ease to clear rubbish and debris. The machines have a productivity rate of up to 15,000 square metres an hour, allowing you to clean your warehouse in no time. They are mechanically propelled, using large bristles to loosen and remove dirt from the floor.

Unlike sweepers, the ICE Scrub range relies on scrubbing pads to loosen grit and dirt and remove it completely from the floor. Our machines do all the work for you, so you won’t have to schedule extra time to clean up afterwards. We make the process of cleaning warehouses simple; that’s why we are confident that you will enjoy using all of our specialist equipment. The Scrub range provides the user with the most effective and thorough clean.

ICE cleaning warehouses

ICE M Tech

We know how important it is to keep a warehouse environment safe at all times. Often there will be other industrial equipment, such as forklifts being used simultaneously. As a result, we make our products as user friendly, intelligent and interactive as possible. We use the latest innovations in design and technology to produce our cleaning equipment that is unrivalled in the current market. Place your trust in our reliable machines.

The ICE M Tech range combines the latest in cleaning technology with a superior quality finish. Each machine is constructed using the best premium materials, so your equipment is guaranteed to keep performing well for years. We use the latest in ICE Mtech technology to keep your warehouse floors clean all year round. All our machines come with an incredible choice of customisable features that are very simple to navigate.

Some of our specialist machines used to clean warehouses come with a touch screen control panel. This panel gives the operator access to a number of different features that will increase user experience and efficiency. The integrated telemetry system provides the user with a complete breakdown of the equipment performance and utilisation. Our added features are designed to optimise cleaning times and lower cleaning costs.

Clean your warehouse sustainably with our integrated eco-mode. This mode sets a quieter work configuration for your machine that consumes less energy. Clean your warehouse during business hours without disrupting other staff around you with our clever equipment. The brushes situated under each machine can be disc shaped, cylindrical or orbital. All of these designs can be adapted to work on any hard floor, removing dirt with adjustable pressure options.

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Clean Warehouses Prices

Make cleaning warehouses an incredibly easy process with our range of high functioning industrial equipment. Contact us today via our online form to find out more about our products or to talk to one of our expert team.

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