Co-Botics Cleaning Equipment

Co-Botics Cleaning Equipment

Our co-botics cleaning equipment is a revolutionary way to enhance the cleaning regime of your business. These clever machines are able to cover large areas with ease, lifting even the most trodden dirt and grime. Perfect for use on a variety of hard surfaces, our co-botics cleaning equipment will make light work of even the toughest tasks, reducing your routine significantly.

Dramatically reduce labour costs with our innovative co-botics cleaning equipment that is programmed to operate on its own. As a result, you can proceed with tasks that matter more to you as our machines do all the work. If you are limited on time or space in your business, consider our products as a way of making your establishment more efficient. We provide affordable solutions.

Autonomous cleaning is slowly taking over the cleaning industry, and we believe your business can benefit from our impressive co-botics cleaning machines. Extremely intuitive, these compact devices are fitted with the latest camera and sensor technology in order to avoid any hazards or obstacles. As a result, you will never have to worry about our equipment that utilises modern technology.


Intelligent Machines

The co-botic equipment we provide does so much more than just clean. These state of the art machines can be fully operated and controlled by the team on your site as they are incredibly simple to use. Make your routine more efficient with our co-botic range that can be easily slotted into your existing regime. Use these machines for manual, repetitive tasks to free up some of your time.

The great thing about our co-botic cleaning equipment is its ability to cover large areas quickly. Consequently, they make the perfect addition to establishments such as warehouses and hospitals that need to be free of any spills and waste to prevent accidents from occurring. Our modern machines eliminate this possibility, creating environments that are safe and free from harmful bacteria.


Switch to our innovative products to have some consistency in your routine. Our co-botics cleaning equipment uses visual and laser SLAM technology to ensure the most precise clean every time. Place your trust in our solutions to provide your business with a superior clean that will even last longer than traditional methods, such as the hoover or mop and bucket.

In addition, our co-botics cleaning equipment uses less water too. At ICE, we are conscious of water waste and the impact this has on our planet. As a result, we provide equipment that is as sustainable as possible to promote a more environmentally friendly way of cleaning. Our co-botic machines are no exception to this rule, using a 4 stage water filtration system to recycle water during operation.

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Our products are designed to be used in combination with your existing techniques in order to produce a superior clean. Superfast mapping means a 3D map can be created to ensure the machine knows where exactly to work. Not only is this process extremely quick to do, but it will significantly reduce labour costs as well as the time usually spent on manual cleaning.

The revolutionary equipment we provide should be the next step in your business's cleaning regime. Enhance the productivity of your workforce with our innovative equipment that effectively clears waste and sanitises surfaces. By switching to our products, you will automatically reduce the risk of infections and the spread of bacteria as they provide a deep clean, all for an affordable price.

Range Of Styles

The co-botic cleaning equipment we provide comes in a range of styles depending on the needs of your business. The Eco Bot 50 can be used with both the docking and service stations, making it an extremely versatile product. As well as this, the water tank drains and refills itself, again minimising the need for human intervention. This will dramatically speed up the task at hand.

The Eco Bot 50 Sanitiser makes the ideal addition to hospitals as well as the retail sector. Using the docking station, the Eco Bot 50 Sanitiser can charge, drain and refill the water tank itself, making it an extremely efficient part of your routine. All our co-botic cleaning equipment maintains the highest level of clean, sanitising surfaces within minutes to produce floors free of any potential hazards.

Co-Botic Cleaning Equipment Prices

Make our co-botic cleaning equipment a part of your business’s routine today. We offer a range of innovative machines, all of which will significantly reduce manual labour costs.

Our co-botic cleaning equipment is available for purchase or hire here. If you have any further questions regarding the products we sell, please complete our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a call today on 0800 389 3869.