Cordless Cleaning: ICE On Demand

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Explore our cordless cleaning equipment in our ICE On Demand range. All our machines are lightweight and powerful. Purchase on our site.

Cordless Cleaning: ICE On Demand


To make your life a little easier, our ICE On Demand range meets the growing demand for cordless cleaning. Ideal for the retail sector, our range of cordless equipment offers a powerful clean quickly and efficiently. Easy to manoeuvre, our lightweight machines will offer you with hours of superior performance thanks to the innovative lithium-ion battery that we use.


Our ICE On Demand range was first launched in 2015 and is now made up of seven modern cordless machines that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The versatile nature of our products means they have been designed to be used several times a day without losing any power. This makes them ideal for restaurants or shopping centres that need to clean up rubbish and spills continually.


Create a safer environment with our cordless equipment that can clean large areas in a short amount of time. Prevent the possibility of accidents occurring with our lightweight equipment that tackles dirt and grime quickly to ensure surfaces remain clean. They are quiet too, so will cause very little disruption to your customers if our machines have to be used during business hours.


Why Choose ICE On Demand?


Choose ICE On Demand for effortless, cordless cleaning for your business. Our range of sophisticated cleaning machines are able to clear surfaces within minutes to ensure floors look great and are free of any hazards. This compact, cordless cleaning style is now more popular than ever, with people looking for quick, effective cleaning methods that will not disrupt those around them.


The cordless cleaning machines we provide in our ICE On Demand range are portable and lightweight. This makes them easy to transport to and from different locations, depending on where they are needed the most. Respond to potential hazards and spills within minutes with our equipment that is always ready to use. With over 50 years of experience, we provide superior solutions.




cordless cleaning prices


Ideal for the retail sector, our ICE Mop is the best way to tackle muddy surfaces. As we approach the winter months and people flock to start their Christmas shopping, footfall in shopping centres increases massively. This often means surfaces become wet or muddy quickly as people move between the shops and outside. Our cordless cleaning machines clear and dry wet surfaces.


The ICE Mop is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, making it convenient to use at any given moment. Forget about a traditional mop and bucket with our sophisticated solutions that will save you essential time and money. This cordless machine uses water and a vacuum to clean surfaces to the highest standards, extracting dirt and leaving your floors spotless in an instant.




Another great cordless cleaning machine in our ICE On Demand range is our ICE UBV30. A lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner, it will provide you with a powerful clean within minutes. Its ability to switch from an electric broom to a carpet cleaner makes it truly unique, the perfect tool to be used on a variety of surfaces. This dual action machine will provide the deepest clean.


Invest in cordless cleaning to transform the way your business operates. Not only will you be able to cut down the time you spend on manual labour, but it will also improve your productivity levels. Our simple to operate ICE On Demand range is built to provide the best cleaning experience possible. Not only is the ICE UBV30 easy to transport, it is incredibly quiet too at 62 decibels.


ICE Orbitiser


cordless cleaning costs


The ICE Orbitiser is another professional, cordless cleaning machine in our ICE On Demand range. Extremely portable, this will revolutionise the way you conduct day to day cleaning tasks within your business. Perfect for hard floors, this cordless equipment is able to reach all corners of a room, thanks to the pivoting head. Change the way you carry out cleaning with our products. 


Working in orbital motion, this cordless machine uses very little water whilst still achieving superior results. Whatever the scale of your business, our equipment is able to tackle your surfaces with ease, leaving behind little residue, only dry, sanitised floors.  In depth training is provided with all our machines to ensure you are able to operate your new purchase safely. 


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Change the way you clean with the cordless equipment from our ICE On Demand range. Choose from our selection of modern machines, all of which can be purchased through our website. Explore our range today. 


Please complete our online contact form if you have any further questions regarding the cleaning equipment we sell. One of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 389 3869. We look forward to hearing from you.