Cost-Effective Cleaning

cost effective cleaning costs

Cost-Effective Cleaning 

Explore our cost-effective cleaning equipment to make your business more efficient. Our range of modern industrial equipment is available for both hire or purchase, depending on the needs of your establishment. The best thing is we can be flexible, offering our customers cost-effective cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality results. Explore our range of innovative products today. 

Whatever your budget, we can provide you with market-leading cleaning equipment. We are trusted by some of the UK’s biggest companies to deliver high quality, all at an affordable cost. Whether you need a ride-on machine or are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, we have you covered in every eventuality. Create a safe, sanitised environment for your employees and customers with our products. 

With years of experience in the industry, all our cost-effective cleaning equipment comes with comprehensive training as standard. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and attention to detail to ensure all our customers receive the best experience. Our strong team of 50 trained engineers are always on hand should you encounter a problem with your machine, solving issues swiftly. 

cost effective cleaning


If you are looking for a more permanent, cost-effective cleaning regime for your business, consider purchasing our industrial cleaning equipment. This can be done via our website, where you can add items to your basket and check out using our secure system. All our products are priced fairly to ensure most businesses are able to benefit from our reliable machines that promise to deliver. 

Have complete confidence in our cost-effective cleaning machines that could dramatically reduce the time and money you would usually spend on manual labour costs. As a result, purchasing our equipment is a great investment as you will soon make back your previous outgoings. If you are looking for a more efficient way to run your establishment, consider our products for guaranteed results and return.



As well as purchase, our industrial cleaning equipment is also available for hire. They can be hired on either a short term or long term basis depending on your requirements. This allows you to be extremely flexible, only paying for a machine for as long as you need it. Our hire options are a great alternative if you require our equipment for a short task or you simply don’t have the space to store a large machine. 

Hiring cleaning equipment is an extremely cost-effective option if you are tackling a one-off task. Perhaps you need to clean some escalators, or you are doing a yearly deep clean; our products are a fantastic way to make this possible. Alternatively, if you don’t have the budget to buy outright, hiring is an easy way to achieve outstanding levels of sanitisation in your workspace without the burden of cost. 


ICE Direct 

At ICE, we offer our customers a range of fully refurbished cleaning equipment that is both affordable and effective. Our ICE Direct machines are available under warranty, meaning you are covered in every eventuality. As with all our cost-effective cleaning equipment, full training is given with your machine to ensure you can use it safely. 

All our cost-effective cleaning machines are also available on lease, giving you the choice between new or refurbished equipment. With no CapEX required, our refurbished machines operate just as well as those that are brand new, for a more affordable cost. Our flexible fixed term leases span between 2-5 years, depending on the needs of your business. Explore our range of lease and rental options. 

cost effective cleaning costs

Why Choose ICE?

At ICE, we offer an extensive range of cost-effective cleaning solutions to meet the growing demands of your business. From refurbished equipment to our hiring options, we guarantee you will be able to find the right answer for your dilemmas. To make your life a little easier, we make the ordering process incredibly straightforward, delivering quality industrial cleaning machines promptly to your door. 

With a breadth of industry knowledge, our team can advise you on the best cost-effective cleaning plan for your establishment. Choose from our huge range of top quality products that will significantly reduce your water waste as well as your reliance on harmful substances such as bleach and petrol. Wherever possible, we like to make our cleaning machines environmentally friendly. 


Cost-Effective Cleaning Equipment Cost

Choose our cost-effective cleaning equipment to elevate your business. Our machines are available for purchase or hire, depending on your specific requirements. 

Please complete our online contact form if you have any further questions regarding the cleaning equipment we supply. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 389 3869