Delivering innovative solutions for shopping centres

Delivering innovative solutions for shopping centres

ICE are proud to have been given the opportunity to provide innovative cleaning solutions to 19 major shopping centres throughout the Midlands and South of England. And as we have a reputation for rolling out large contracts quickly and efficiently, this rollout is no exception - all equipment installation and training will be carried out on the same day at all 19 centres!

Not only will we be supplying quality equipment and providing full training on each machine, we will also be supporting the centres in a number of different ways:


All machines supplied will be fitted with SMARTtrak – our award winning Telemetry system that gives real-time monitoring and visibility of equipment no matter what the make or model. This means that every centre will be able to track exactly when each machine is being used and how long for, allowing them to manage the utilisation of all equipment.

Lotus Pro Aqueous Ozone

We will be supplying, fitting and maintaining the Lotus Pro system to a number of the shopping centres. The system transforms ordinary tap water into an effective chemical-free commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone. It breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants in the same way as toxic cleaners, but naturally. The centres will use this in all cleaning equipment as it eliminates the need for any other chemical cleaning products.

Pendulum Testing

We will be carrying out two Pendulum Slip Tests per year at each of the 19 shopping centres. These tests will provide certified evidence that the floors meet Health & Safety guidelines, and can be used in the event of any slip injury claims. Pendulum Testing is the only slip test evidence accepted in UK courts.

Matthew Marston, Account Manager at ICE said, “We are delighted to be leading the way by supporting our customers with innovative cleaning solutions, and look forward to working in partnership with Churchill Services Group on this contract.”