Eco Cleaning

eco cleaning

Make cleaning in your business more sustainable with our eco methods. We use safe, non-toxic sanitisers. Purchase or hire on our website.

Eco Cleaning

Make a sustainable change in your business with our eco-cleaning products that will dramatically reduce your consumption of single-use plastics and water. We use eco methods in our cleaning products to reduce our overall impact on the environment. We are constantly reassessing our machines in order to find ways to make them more efficient, sustainable and hardwearing.

Our eco cleaning machines rely mostly on batteries, water or non-toxic chemicals, meaning we rely less on fossil fuels such as gases, heavy oils and diesel. Our products emit very little waste, making them a great, affordable alternative to your current cleaning methods. Not only are they better for the environment, but they will significantly reduce the time and money you spend on manual labour.

Protecting the planet is now more important than ever; that’s why we supply eco cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to deliver unbeatable levels of performance. As the earth begins to warm, we all need to contribute towards making greener decisions in our businesses and personal lives. All companies have a part to play in reducing the worlds carbon emissions and plastic waste.

eco cleaning

Why Is Eco Cleaning Important?

Adopting eco cleaning methods is incredibly important for the ongoing health of ourselves and the planet. Each year, the UK is estimated to generate nearly 40 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste, a significant amount that is contributing to the ongoing climate change crisis. By switching to our eco cleaning methods, you are taking the first steps to reduce this damaging impact on our landscape.

Eco cleaning machines eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and detergents. Our alternatives provide the same power as traditional bleach, without the damaging after-effects. Eradicate strains of germs and bacteria with the help of our environmentally friendly solutions that are incredibly safe to use. Place your trust in us to deliver outstanding results for your establishment.


In response to the current climate issue, we have developed a non-toxic cleaning solution that provides unbeatable levels of sanitisation. The Aqueous Ozone is a sustainable cleaning solution that can be used to disinfect large areas and surfaces quickly. This clear like liquid is incredibly safe to use, making it completely harmless to humans and animals. See the results for yourself.

The Aqueous Ozone is compatible with all of our sanitising machines, eradicating mould and germs and oxidising quickly. A surface will be dry to touch within a matter of minutes, meaning you will never have to wait around for our products to take effect. We make eco cleaning straightforward and easy, meaning everyone is able to benefit from our solutions that work quickly.

AquaSmart Mini

Perfect for use in the retail and hospitality sector, our AquaSmart Mini is part of our vast range of eco cleaning products. This small unit holds our Aqueous Ozone liquid so that it is ready to be dispensed when needed. Not only is this incredibly convenient, but it dramatically reduces the need for single-use plastic. In addition, it requires no replacement cartridges or stabilisers.

Once filled with our sustainable, natural sanitiser, this eco cleaning unit can be easily used whenever needed. The best part is it requires no COSHH training, meaning any member of staff can use this solution straightaway. At ICE, we break down the fundamentals of eco cleaning, offering a variety of businesses with environmentally friendly solutions to switch to. It really is that easy!

Ice aqua smart mini

Why Choose ICE?

As UK’s largest independent cleaning equipment provider, we offer a professional service. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and excellent customer service, supplying affordable equipment that is guaranteed to deliver market-leading results. Our eco cleaning solutions cater to the demand for more sustainable methods, providing the same performance as traditional chemicals.

Working across the UK and Ireland, we supply eco cleaning machines to high profile businesses. We are trusted by thousands of people every day to deliver the very best hygiene standards. We promise our equipment will never let you down as our team work hard to provide the latest sustainable innovations in the industry. Explore our extensive range of products.

Eco Cleaning Prices

Switch to our eco cleaning equipment to reduce your impact on the environment. At ICE, we reduce the need for chemicals and plastics with our sustainable methods that will suit any size business. All our machines can be either purchased or hired on our website.

If you have any further questions regarding the products we supply, complete our online contact form. One of our experts will be with you as soon as possible to answer your query. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call today on 0800 389 3869.