Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

It is now more important than ever to make environmentally friendly cleaning part of your day to day regime. All of our industrial cleaning machines aim to reduce water waste, as well as the need for fossil fuels, to lower your overall impact on the environment. By making the switch to our environmentally friendly cleaning machines, you will never be compromising on the quality of their performance.

Despite using less water and power to run, our industrial cleaning equipment provides a powerful clean that even beats other traditional methods. Reduce your overall impact on the environment and save money by choosing our innovative equipment that will make cleaning tasks far more efficient. It is about time your business begins paying attention to the waste you produce and the power you use!

Many of our machines contain clever filtering systems, which means water waste is kept to a minimum. Whilst the machine is in use; the water is collected in the tank and recycled, ready to be used again in minutes. This environmentally friendly cleaning method will reduce the impact your business has on the planet and well as saving you the time and money you usually spend on replacing these water tanks.

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Short Term & Long Term Hire

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment for a one off job can be incredibly wasteful. Not only is this bad for the environment, but this new machine could be taking up unnecessary space that could be used more effectively. As a solution to this problem, we are proud to be able to offer our customers short and long term hire schemes. Rent machines on a basis that suits you and the needs of your company.

Need a machine for a one off task? Consider our short term hire schemes as a way of saving considerable amounts of money. Becoming increasingly popular amongst our customers, our hiring programmes are effective and flexible, as we will fit around you and your expectations. Stop being wasteful in your businesses and choose our environmentally friendly cleaning machines to make a difference.

Long Battery Life

The long battery lives of many of our machines means you won’t have to rely on petrol, diesel or any other fossil fuels to power our equipment. In the vast majority of our machines, we try and power them using methods that are far better for the environment. The powerful lithium batteries we use means you will be able to operate our machines cordless without constant recharging.

With long running times, our industrial cleaning equipment means you can cover large areas quickly without the need for recharging. Ideal for open areas such as warehouses and shopping centres, our innovative solutions are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods. Make the change in your business and explore our range of modern machines that will make light work of the biggest tasks.

Sustainable Solutions

Making the change to our environmentally friendly cleaning methods is easier than you may think. Not only will the machines we supply reduce your impact on the environment, but so will the cleaners and sanitisers we use. In response to the crisis we are facing, we produced the Aqueous Ozone, a fully natural sanitiser that is completely harmless to both humans and animals.

Even more powerful than bleach, the Aqueous Ozone is the perfect alternative to other traditional cleaning methods. Immediately oxidising on contact, you will be able to cover large areas quickly, as surfaces will be touch dry in a matter of minutes. Incredibly safe for your employees to use, this natural sanitiser will revolutionise the way in which your business operates. Take a look at our solutions.

sustainable cleaning solutions to cleaning

Save The Planet

Do your bit for the planet by switching to our environmentally friendly cleaning machines. Designed to reduce your overall impact on the planet, we consider every element of our machines from their performance to their style. Create a safer working environment for your employees and your customers with our modern equipment that will help to eliminate the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Prices

Make a positive change with our environmentally friendly cleaning machines. All our equipment is available to purchase or hire online today.

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