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hand sanitiser dispenser

Sanitise your hands more effectively with our innovative dispensers. They deliver just the right amount of product. Purchase our dispensers online.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Dramatically reduce the risk of infection with our hand sanitiser dispensers. Easy to use, they can be placed almost anywhere, making them accessible and simple to sanitise on the go. In order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your establishment, explore our range of hand sanitiser dispensers to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. We make cleaning incredibly straightforward.

With more people now than ever conscious about maintaining their health, sanitising your hands is something everyone should be doing regularly. Our innovative hand sanitiser dispensers can be placed in doorways and entrances to encourage people to clean their hands when they enter a shop or restaurant. With viruses easily spread this way, it is important we disinfect them.

If you’re the owner of a hotel, restaurant or shopping centre, it is imperative you put safety measures in place to ensure your establishment meets the current hygiene standards. This means you should have a thorough daily cleaning routine in place as well as places for the public to disinfect their hands. Our modern stations can be positioned by escalators and handrails for ease of use.

hand sanitiser dispenser

Why Sanitise?

Hand sanitising is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from catching a virus or infection. Within a couple of minutes, you could dramatically reduce the spread of germs just by cleaning your hands. Hand sanitising dispensers are the easy way to do just this, giving you and those around you complete peace of mind. Disinfecting is incredibly quick and easy.

Most viruses and infections are spread through our hands, as touching our nose, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands can lead to infection. If you have been in contact with a contaminated surface, it is of the utmost importance you sanitise thoroughly to prevent this from spreading further. The sanitiser that we use is effective and dries quickly, allowing you to proceed with your day.

ICE Sanitising Station

Our ICE hand sanitiser dispenser is a quick and easy way to disinfect your hands. The station itself is completely portable, allowing you to position it in any part of your establishment. A great addition to shopping centres, schools and warehouses, our innovative hand sanitiser dispensers are ideal to use on the go. Place our stations in areas where you are most likely to experience the greatest footfall.

Simple and safe to use, our hand sanitiser dispenser will deliver just the right amount of solution. All you need to do is place your hand directly under the dispenser, and the machine will provide a set quantity of product. As a result, everyone will be given just the most effective amount of sanitising solution for a thorough clean. Our modern equipment is affordable too.

sanitising in retail

Why Choose ICE?

Choose ICE to supply your new hand sanitiser dispenser. With years of combined experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service. We deliver quality products for a range of purposes; we guarantee you will be able to find a machine to suit your needs. With the help of our expert engineers, we deliver quality equipment at competitive prices.

At ICE, we manage hundreds of sites across the UK and Ireland, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. We understand the importance of cleaning and the impact it has on our overall health. As a result, we provide innovative hand sanitising stations that encourage people to take up better hygiene practices. Our solutions are easy to use, reliable and rarely need replacing.


We are constantly looking at ways to make hand sanitising more sustainable. Consequently, we have developed the Aqueous Ozone, a natural cleaner that is powerful and non-toxic. Delivering the same standards as traditional bleach, our sustainable alternatives make light work of even the toughest tasks. It is extremely effective against different strains of bacteria, viruses and mould.

Easy and safe to use, our hand sanitiser dispensers will provide an effective clean that lasts. The gel product we use takes effect quickly, killing any germs and bacteria in no time. Rub the solution over your hands for a period of around 20 seconds or until the gel has completely absorbed. Our modern products are a great precautionary step to reduce the further spread of infection.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Prices

Clean on the go with our innovative hand sanitiser dispensers. They are incredibly simple to install in any space. View our dispensers online, where they can be purchased for a competitive price.

Complete our online contact form if you have any further questions regarding the machines we sell. Alternatively, talk to one of our experts by giving us a ring directly on 0800 389 3896. We work around the clock to deliver quality cleaning solutions for your business.