Hand Sanitising Stations

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Hand Sanitising Stations

Prevent the spread of bacteria in a workspace or business with our hand sanitising stations. Effective and easy to use, they dispense just the right amount of product to provide the best clean. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of keeping our hands clean and the impact this can have on our overall health. Protect yourself and those around you with our innovative hand sanitising stations.


With the ability to put them almost anywhere, our hand sanitising stations are perfect for entrances in busy areas such as schools and shopping centres. Sturdy and hardwearing, our hand sanitising stations are resistant to continuous wear, operating as they should at all times. Consequently, they will rarely have to be replaced, thanks to the premium materials in all our modern sanitising machines.


Easily purchased online, our hand sanitising stations are of the highest quality. Perfect for a variety of different environments, they are simple to use and last for years. Powered by AA batteries, they are extremely simple in design yet powerful on performance. Make your space more hygienic with our effective hand sanitising stations that can withstand high amounts of wear every day.


How To Use 

The hand sanitising stations we provide are incredibly simple to use. Just place your hand under the machine, and it will distribute just the right amount of product. This is because a handy sensor is built into the station that can detect when your hand is in place. Because of this feature, it means that no sanitising solution goes to waste, a cost-effective solution for your business in the long run. 


Ideal for use in schools and shopping centres, our hand sanitising stations can be positioned in places of high footfall to encourage more people to wash their hands. Having this modern piece of equipment in place makes it easier for your employees or customers to improve their overall hygiene practices instantly, without actually having to do much work! See the results for yourself. 


Why Is Hand Hygiene Important?

Having one of our hand sanitising stations in your business is the quick and easy way to encourage people to sanitise. Taking just seconds to do, our machines will help fight the spread of germs and bacteria in a school, hospital or workspace. As a direct consequence, the overall health of your customers or employees will improve too, as there is less risk of harmful viruses or bacteria beginning to spread. 


Even through simple day to day activities, germs can live on our hands. By purchasing one of our modern hand sanitiser stations, it will make the practice of washing hands that little bit more interesting. Convenient and simple to do, sanitising your hands each day reduces the number of germs and even pesticides living on your skin. This makes them perfect for use in hospital and school corridors. 


How Should I Sanitise?

Cleaning your hands is easier than ever with one of our hand sanitising stations. The machine itself distributes just enough product to cover your hands completely without them feeling overly sticky or wet. Instead, the sanitiser should quickly absorb into your skin, leaving no nasty residue behind. Once you have dispensed the liquid from our hand sanitising stations, rub your hands together for 20 seconds. 


20 seconds is the optimum amount of time to let the product sink into your skin properly and kill any harmful germs that may be living on it. Our hand sanitising machines are at the forefront of the hygiene revolution, one that has been taking every industry by storm in the wake of the recent pandemic. Place your trust in us to deliver market-leading machines to improve the health of your workers or customers.

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Modern Machines 

At ICE, we pride ourselves on providing quality hand sanitising stations for a variety of business types. The versatility and durability of our machines mean they can withstand continuous levels of use whilst rarely showing any signs of wear and tear. Our hand sanitising stations are powered by AA batteries that can easily be replaced whenever needed. Our equipment will make your life easier. 


We provide quality cleaning equipment for a plethora of purposes. Enhance the productivity of your workforce with our industrial cleaning machines that are designed to be powerful on performance whilst being cost-effective too. In addition, because of our long term and short term hiring programmes, everyone is able to benefit from our modern cleaning equipment.


Hand Sanitiser Station Prices 

We make it easy for businesses to purchase quality hand sanitiser stations online. Simply take a look at our website today to find the best machine to suit your establishment.


Our online contact form is a quick and easy way to be put in touch with a member of our friendly team. Alternatively, give us a call today on 0800 389 3869. We look forward to hearing from you soon.