Hiring Equipment From ICE

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Hiring Equipment From ICE

Hiring equipment from ICE has never been easier. Our machines are available for both long term and short term hire, giving you complete flexibility and control over how long you can use our equipment for. All our cleaning equipment is delivered quickly by one of our team who can also provide you will a valuable training session demonstrating how our products work.

We track your orders continuously to ensure they are delivered quickly and on time. Our rental model is easy to navigate, meaning you can receive your cleaning equipment within days. Our fully flexible scheme will suit any business looking to hire equipment from us. Our reliable service is trusted by some of the largest companies in the UK, including Google, M&S and Tesco.

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Long Term Hire

Hiring equipment from ICE is incredibly easy as we adjust our flexible models to suit the specification of the customer. Our long term hire model means you can receive our range of innovative cleaning equipment for an extended amount of time. We provide businesses with an all-inclusive hiring contract that can be adjusted to suit your needs. We minimise any risks associated with traditional equipment purchasing to offer our customers a cost effective and efficient solution to buying machines outright.   

By hiring equipment from ICE long term, you can manage your fixed costs and remove the need for capital spending. We allow our customers to be flexible as we know some machines are only used on a seasonal basis. As you and your business evolve and grows, amend your contract with us to cater to your changing requirements. Add and remove hiring equipment from ICE and focus on the machines that are most beneficial to you.  

Benefits Of Long Term Hire

When you are hiring equipment from ICE, you are entitled to receive onsite training provided by one of our expert team. They can guide you through how to use the product safely and teach you the best way to handle your new equipment. Top up training is also available through our training videos and our ICE app. If you know which piece of cleaning equipment you require, explore our long term hire options to receive your new machine today.

Save time, money and operate your business more effectively by hiring equipment from ICE today. Long term machine rental removes the need to purchase your equipment outright, freeing up funds for any other mandatory costs. It’s the best way to get the most out of your cleaning products for the best possible price. Hiring equipment is the more flexible way to spread your costs and invest your money in reliable cleaning technology.

Hiring Equipment From ICE

Short Term Hire

With over 50 years of experience supplying industrial cleaning products, you can rely on us when hiring equipment from ICE. Our products are available on a short term hire basis, perfect for any companies looking for a quick solution to their cleaning dilemmas. Short term hire is becoming increasingly popular among businesses who want to be as cost effective and flexible as possible. If you only need a machine for a temporary job, look at our short term hiring plans.

You can even hire equipment from ICE for only one day if that is all that you require. We know how difficult it is to own a specialist piece of equipment for every eventuality: that’s why our short term hiring plans are such a clever solution. If you have no space to keep your cleaning products or you only need to use something once, hire your machines through us.

Benefits of Short Term Hire

Payment for our short term hire solutions can be made via a credit or debit card or, we can set up a credit account for your business. Our system is flexible, so we can fit around the needs of your company. To cater for clients from all sectors, we can amend your payment options accordingly. Our team of professionals can help guide you through hiring equipment from ICE. Use the advice of our experts to make the most of your new purchase.

Short term hire is a great way to benefit from the technology of some of our most modern equipment, without the price tag. When choosing ICE, you can be confident you will receive high quality products that boast some of the best features on the market. Test a machine’s capability and see if it suits your business with our hiring system that fast and efficient. We can help you get the most of your new cleaning equipment.

Hiring Equipment From ICE Prices

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