Hospital Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

Make sure hospital cleaning is of the highest standards with our range of powerful equipment. Our machines are lightweight and portable. Purchase them online.

Hospital Cleaning

When cleaning a hospital, it is important to deliver the highest standards of sanitisation. As a place where infections and viruses are rife, surfaces need to be disinfected several times a day to prevent their spread. Hospitals are also the temporary home for vulnerable people who are more likely to suffer if they receive an unpleasant infection. Consequently, excellent standards should be maintained.

The hospital cleaning equipment we provide makes light work of the toughest jobs. We understand how important sterilisation is; that’s why our machines deliver unbeatable performance quickly. Cover large areas with our ride-on machines that mean you will spend less time and energy manually disinfecting floors and surfaces. The chemicals we use are incredibly safe and non-toxic.

Lightweight and durable, our range of hospital cleaning machines are easy to operate, meaning you will be able to manoeuvre around any hazards or obstacles. Clean down corridors and in hospital canteens with our innovative machines that will provide you with hours of performance. Once charged or refilled, our modern equipment will sanitise your space well.

Hospital Cleaning

Why Is Sanitising Important?

Sanitising is particularly important in hospital settings to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Not only is hospital cleaning vital for the safety of patients, but it is also imperative for the health of your staff. To ensure everyone is in the best health at all times, explore our range of hospital cleaning equipment to make your daily tasks that bit easier. We offer various solutions.

Keeping up the highest levels of sanitisation in a hospital setting will result in happier, healthier patients. This style of cleaning is often more complex as areas need to be sterilised completely in order to prevent further infection. Due to recent events, we now understand the importance of a good cleaning routine and its effect on our overall health. Keep up standards with us.

Quick Sanitisation

Our aim is to make hospital cleaning as simple and straightforward as possible. As a result, we offer a series of machines that allow you to sanitise on the go. With between 50-70% of viruses spread through our hands, it is of the utmost importance that they are constantly kept clean. This is especially the case for hospital staff as they could be dealing with hundreds of patients daily.

At ICE, we provide standing hand sanitiser machines that can be positioned throughout a hospital. Place these stations in doorways and ward entrances to encourage people to sanitise properly when they enter a space. Naturally, this will dramatically reduce the spread of infection from ward to ward, containing any outbreaks in one area. Our innovative solutions will give you peace of mind.

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ICE E-Spray

To make hospital cleaning as simple as possible, use our modern ICE E-Spray. This lightweight, portable machine will disinfect any surface quickly, leaving it dry to touch in minutes. Cover large areas in your hospital with our powerful machines that use safe chemical solutions for effective sanitisation. The ICE E-Spray uses an electrostatic charge to deliver a thin veil of solution.

The chemical solutions we use are non-toxic yet still deliver the same levels of disinfection as traditional methods. Ditch the outdated mop and bucket and replace your current hospital cleaning routine with our state of the art equipment. Able to hire or purchase, we offer you a variety of options to find the right fit for your establishment. Our expert team are always here to help.

Clinical Clean

Make your hospital cleaning routine the best it can be with the help of our innovative, powerful equipment. Hospital cleaning doesn’t need to be a chore with our modern products that lift dirt and grime and sanitise surfaces. To maintain the strictest levels of hygiene in your establishment, all departments must be cleaned daily to stop the potential spread of germs and bacteria.

With our hospital cleaning equipment shown to kill 99% of bacteria, it is no wonder so many people use our machines to ensure the best results. We pride ourselves on our modern hospital cleaning equipment that is helping to keep patients and staff safe across the country. Simple to use and operate, our solutions make the perfect addition to any ward or theatre.

Hospital Cleaning Prices

To ensure the highest levels of sanitisation, explore our range of hospital cleaning equipment. We offer an extensive collection of disinfecting machines that effectively reduce the risk of infection. All our equipment can be purchased from here.

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