How To Clean Your Warehouse

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Clean your warehouse quickly and efficiently with our industrial cleaning equipment. This can be purchased or rented on our website. Purchase or hire today.

How To Clean Your Warehouse?


Clean your warehouse quickly and efficiently with our innovative cleaning machines. We offer our customers an extensive range of both handheld and ride-on machines to make everyday cleaning tasks that bit easier. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we provide a reliable and trusted service to our thousands of customers. Purchase or rent equipment from us.


Clean your warehouse with ease with our modern products that can be used repeatedly without showing any signs of wear. Their long battery lives mean so many of our machines can be used freely without the stress of a cord. We aim to make cleaning warehouses as simple as possible, allowing you to get on with the tasks that matter most to you.


We supply our industrial cleaning machines to hundreds of warehouses across the UK and in Ireland. Our team of 50 skilled engineers works both remotely and in person to offer you comprehensive training and answer any questions you may have. To ensure our equipment is being used safely, we use the latest technology and modern materials. Make the investment today.


Cleaning Warehouses Efficiently


Increase your productivity with our innovative cleaning machines that mean warehouses can be swept or scrubbed quickly and efficiently. Our conscious products use sustainable methods to ensure that water waste is reduced to a minimum. We use water-saving filtration systems in all warehouse cleaning equipment, reducing the time you spend emptying and refilling tanks.


Warehouses are large expansive areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent potential accidents from occurring. It is extremely important that trip hazards are removed in order to create the safest environment for your employees. Our industrial ride-on machines use large rotating bristles to remove ingrained dirt and any spills that may have happened in the day.


Our range of equipment is extremely versatile, allowing you to clean your warehouse in no time. The machines we provide offer an extremely impressive productivity rate of 3,000 to 15,000 square metres per hour. This gives you the flexibility to clean your whole space without the worry of a flat battery or loss of power. They are easy to manoeuvre, allowing you to get to any hard to reach places.


How to clean your warehouse


ICE R Scrub


The ICE R Scrub is one of our most powerful ride-on machines to ensure you can clean your entire warehouse quickly. This is perfect for large open spaces and hard flooring. The ICE R Scrub offers a large scrubbing width and huge water tanks, enabling you to use it continuously for hours. Increase the productivity of your workforce with our industrial machines that are simple to operate.


Guarantee a consistent, uniform clean in your warehouse with our ride on scrubbers that are available in a number of configurations and brush sizes to suit your needs. Save money in the long run with our modern products that are guaranteed to last for decades. They can easily navigate all kinds of obstacles to make your cleaning experience the best it can be.


If you are struggling to find a cost-effective way how to clean your warehouse, look to ICE. We provide practical yet affordable solutions that can reduce the time and money you spend on labour costs. Our industrial scrubber equipment is perfect for use in warehouses as the robust bristles work to loosen dirt and grime so that any debris can be quickly cleared away.


warehouse cleaning cost


ICE M Tech


The ICE M Tech is another one of our industrial machines that are perfect for giving warehouses a deep clean. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, our M Tech range uses a touch screen panel to make its operation as straightforward as possible. Our interactive cleaning machines make light work of even the toughest jobs, never compromising on style or performance.


Gain access to a vast array of features available right at your fingertips with our touch screen panels. Forget old, traditional methods and use our cleaning equipment that comes with various functions built-in. All our touch screen features are updated in real time to ensure you are always kept informed of the functionality and performance of your warehouse cleaning equipment.


Give your warehouse floors a deep clean with our bristle brushes that come in disc, cylindrical or orbital shapes. The way they are structured enables you to lift trodden dirt, creating clean surfaces that are safe for your employees. Our equipment can even be put into eco-mode. This setting means the machine works as quietly as possible, limiting the disruption to those around you.


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Warehouse Cleaning Machine Prices


Clean your warehouse to the highest standards with our industrial equipment. You are able to purchase or rent all our machines from our website. Take a look!


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