ICE Cleaning Show Award Wins

ICE Cleaning Show Award Wins

The Cleaning Show was a phenomenal success this year for ICE. We were delighted to meet lots of new faces, as well as catching up with our existing and much valued customers. We are extremely proud to have won three awards during the show - Cleaning Show Innovation Awards for ICE Locator and the ICE R Scrub 75, plus a CSSA Award for ‘Best New Product of 2017’ for ICE Locator.

ICE Locator

ICE Locator uses Bluetooth and GPS, providing pin point accuracy of equipment locations.

This gives customers complete visibility of all assets across their entire estate, which leads to a reduction in lost equipment, and improved billing accuracy.

This industry first can provide unsurpassed accuracy in terms of asset data - particularly useful for the management of rental equipment.

Key Features

  • When using the ICE Locator App on site, assets are detectable within a 45 metre radius.
  • The ICE Locator will ‘ping’ every second, informing the App user of each asset location.
  • When using ICE Locator remotely, it will list all assets across your entire estate, by location.
  • ICE Locator has a 12 month battery life.


ICE R Scrub 75

The ICE R Scrub 75 is an advanced, technological scrubbing and sweeping machine that makes cleaning intelligent, interactive and easy. It is versatile, able to work in any environment and in any condition such as in supermarkets, warehouses, shopping malls, production sites, swimming pools, gyms, car showrooms and service areas.

Thanks to the iD system the operator can interact in a very different way, through a touchscreen display. Everything becomes as intuitive, fast and easy, as using a smartphone.

For more information about these award-winning innovations, please call us on 02380 777000 or email