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Explore our ICE On Demand Equipment today. We offer our customers seven machines in the range. Contact us to begin your first purchase.

ICE On Demand Equipment 

Explore our extensive range of ICE On Demand equipment. Our equipment is compact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, meaning it can be ready to use at all times. Our portable ICE On Demand equipment is the perfect investment for any restaurants, office spaces or shops that are tight on space and need to perform cleaning during business hours.

Our high performing ICE On Demand Equipment is extremely energy efficient. The products run on a lithium-ion battery which means you can be used repeatedly without the need for charging. Our range of cordless cleaning equipment is powerful and very convenient. The operator is always at the centre of our designs and we care about the functionality of the equipment we sell.

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Why Choose ICE On Demand Equipment? 

Our ICE On Demand equipment has grown into a huge range that caters for many different needs. We currently offer seven different On Demand machines including the ICE Sweep, ICE Mop and the ICE Scrub. Our versatile machines perform well on different surfaces and are all serviced to a high standard. We guarantee your company will be able to maximise efficiency and reduce costs with our ICE On Demand equipment.

With over 50 years of Experience, ICE is the UK’s largest provider of cleaning equipment. We have a wealth of knowledge and decades of practical experience, our professionals are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. Our team of 40 highly skilled engineers nationwide, can maintain your equipment and aid you with any servicing requirements. Have confidence in us to provide market-leading unmatched ICE On Demand equipment.

We offer our services to various sectors including retail, healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and education. We invest in the best cleaning equipment and innovative technology to maintain the highest standards in cleaning performance, customer satisfaction and product reliability. Our products can save you time without compromising on overall the end result. ICE prides itself as a trustworthy business with market leading products.

Training and Support

With ICE On Demand equipment, your company is able to receive the best training and product support. All our range is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. As soon as they are delivered, they are ready to use with minimal setting up needed. Should you have any questions about your new purchase, our expert team can assist you quickly and resolve any issues you may have. Our ICE On Demand equipment can be delivered swiftly and used as soon as it arrives.

At ICE, we are constantly looking at ways to make our business more efficient and providing faster service for our customers. That’s why we offer optional training with your purchase. Once delivered, one of our experienced team can demonstrate how to use your cleaning equipment and get you acquainted with our products. Training is available with all our ICE On Demand equipment and our ICE Product Geniuses can provide you with a demonstration.

At no additional fees, training is also available for our ICE On Demand equipment on our ICE app. The ICE app is designed to support you with the operation and maintenance of your cleaning equipment. Watch our equipment training videos and access valuable information regarding ICE and how to operate your equipment safely and efficiently. Smartcall is also a great tool that is available for our customers. This video support function can help you connect with one of our technical team remotely. 

ICE On Demand Equipment

Benefits of using ICE On Demand equipment

All our machines are extremely easy to use. We make our designs as user friendly and hassle free as possible to ensure they can be used correctly by everyone. Our extensive On Demand range can suit everyone’s needs. Our equipment can replace traditional cleaning methods with ones that are far more efficient. For example, our ICE Mop uses clean water to vacuum and extract the dirt from floors leaving their surface clean and fresh. Forget about the traditional mop and bucket.

ICE On Demand equipment utilises the latest technology to provide the best results. Our ICE Orbitiser is extremely lightweight yet very powerful. It uses an orbital movement to clean and treat any hard surface. This design uses very little water, making it a much more sustainable option than other traditional cleaning methods. It is the perfect solution for retail and hospitality environments due to its small size and easy manoeuvrability function.

ICE On Demand Equipment Prices

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