Improve Your Hand Hygiene

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Improve Your Hand Hygiene

Improving your hand hygiene is paramount to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. As well as traditional methods such as soap and water, antibacterial gels are now a staple part of everybody’s routine. It is now expected that a lot of establishments, such as the retail sector, provide their customers with sanitisation on arrival. Our products make this task a little easier.


Disinfecting regularly is one of the most important ways to improve your hand hygiene. Within seconds the most effective antibacterial gels will disappear on the surface of your skin, killing any harmful viruses that may have been harbouring there. We now know more than ever the effects of good hand hygiene and the dramatic impact this has on our overall health. The best thing is, it takes seconds to do.


We provide products such as sanitising stations that make it incredibly easier for your employees and customers to improve their hand hygiene. Our innovative cleaning machines will dramatically improve the efficiency of your existing routine while significantly reducing the time and money you usually spend on manual labour. By switching to our equipment, you are guaranteed to experience instant results.


ICE Sanitising Station

Our innovative ICE sanitising station is the easy way to improve the hygiene levels of your business. Powered by strong batteries, this clever station will continue to operate effectively for weeks. In addition, the lightweight, portable nature of this station means it can be placed at the entrance of your establishment to promote improved hand hygiene. There is no excuse for your customers not to take part.


The number one way of fighting the spread of germs and bacteria, our sanitising stations should be a staple part of every business. The great thing about this product is the fact it is automated too. All you have to do is place your hand under the sensor, and the machine will distribute just the right amount of product into your hand. This will significantly reduce the risk of wasted antibacterial gel.


Safe Solutions

At ICE, we use sanitising solutions that are both safe and powerful. Improve your overall hand hygiene with our sustainable, natural cleaners that will be instantly effective against strains of mould and bacteria. Non-toxic to humans and animals, our Aqueous Ozone solution is a great alternative to other toxic substances that may be harmful to your health. Our products are safe and easy for your employees to use.


Our sanitising station will not need to be refilled as often as traditional stations as it delivers just the right amount of antibacterial gel. It is just enough for it to be effective but not too much that it goes to waste. The machine dispenses the gel quickly too, which will prevent long queues from forming as people wait in line to use the station. All our solutions are efficient and functional to enhance the performance of your business.


improve your hand hygiene

Removes Germs

The ICE sanitising station would make a fantastic addition to a hospital, where reducing the spread of bacteria is of the utmost importance. Improving your hand hygiene will prevent this spread to your nose and mouth, where a virus may find its home. In addition to this, germs from unwashed hands can make their way into food and drink, so it is important surfaces remain sanitised.


Improving your overall hand hygiene will significantly reduce the likelihood of respiratory infections as well as gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, our innovative solutions would be a great investment for a school where hundreds of children are mixing every day. It is known that washing your hands more regularly can reduce gastrointestinal illness in children by as much as 29-57%.


Why Choose ICE?

With years of combined experience in the cleaning equipment industry, we provide customers nationwide with powerful machines that are designed to perform to the highest standards. Whether you just want to rent or looking to purchase, we can devise an appropriate plan for your business. Work with our expert team to decide on the best equipment to suit your establishment.


If you are unsure how to operate your new purchase, all our machines come with comprehensive training videos to get you started. It is important to us that our products are used safely; that’s why our engineers are always on call should you need any assistance. We pride ourselves on our attentive service and dedication to the trade to bring you the best solutions on the market.


Sanitising Station Prices

Improve your hand hygiene today with our effective sanitising solutions. All of which can be purchased on our website; take a look for yourself.


If you have any further questions for a member of our team, please complete our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 389 3869.