M&S Contract Renewal

ICE continues its partnership with M&S for a further 5 years. We are constantly investing in new technology. Contact us to discuss pricing.

ICE continues partnership with M&S for a further 5 years…


The team at ICE are delighted to announce that in August 2019 they agreed terms with High Street giant M&S for a further 5 year term.


“We are very pleased to have extend ed our agreement with ICE, this allows our business to re-invest in new technology not only in hardware but also in software such as telemetry which is critical to this kind of fleet management going forward. It also allows us to benefit from the sustainable and green credentials we are seeing come through with new equipment from ICE which is a subject very close to us here at M&S” says Mark Meadows.


The new term will see ICE deploy brand new equipment across the entire estate in the UK and Republic of Ireland and install new innovations such as telemetry and water saving technology.


“I think this renewal is a testament to ICE’s commitment to retention and service excellence and also our ability to innovate and invest in existing customers as well as new ones, in terms of fleet size using optimisation technology such as Focussed Fleet Management or FFM as its more fondly known, this along with other contracts gives us the largest fleet with in the market reporting with ground breaking data and MI important to managing service and fleet on a daily basis”. We have an excellent working relationship with M&S not only at store levels and within the support teams but also with their cleaning providers across the UK which we work extremely closely with”, says MD of ICE Mark Bresnihan