Municipal Cleaning

Our industrial cleaning equipment is perfect for tackling large open spaces. A clear space reduces the risk for accidents. Contact us to discuss pricing.

Your outdoor area is your shop window, so it’s crucial to keep it spotless to create the right impression. Regular cleaning of car parks, forecourts and entrances is non-negotiable. Not only for appearances but for health and safety. Dirty or sticky surfaces increase the likelihood of accidents, and areas where the public or your workforce tread regularly must be cleaned with particular care.


So, what is the ideal industrial cleaning equipment to use on outdoor areas?


The first thing to consider is the size of the area to be cleaned. If it’s too large for manual sweeping, there are a range of heavy duty commercial sweepers designed for outdoor use and suited to the unpredictable British weather. These machines have the capacity to collect large volumes of heavy waste, plus they are multifunctional, ergonomically enhanced and economical to operate.


For large outdoor areas and street cleaning, we recommend a ride-on sweeper which copes well with slippery surfaces due to the innovative all-wheel drive. A number of these cleaning machines operate as snow clearers as well.


If you are looking for a machine to clean much larger areas, the new ICE Urban 3070 is now available, which is a large capacity one cubic meter machine. It has the ability to adapt its suction width and strength to larger and heavier tasks as well as to smaller lighter tasks. With an internal turning radius of only 82.5 cm and a total height of less than 200 cm, the ICE Urban 3070, with its 1m³ sweeping tank capacity, is an ideal machine for large scale urban cleaning, and many other tasks such as grass cutting & collecting or snow clearing. The quick-shift system allows for attachment changes to be completed in just one minute. Simply pick-up the front attachment, turn the handle and all mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected and ready to go. Also, with the basic model weighing only 1,710 kg, its ground pressure is low enough for it to be used on sensitive surfaces like lawns and pavements.


It’s also really important to consider emissions from outdoor cleaning machines, especially in city locations. Across Europe, cities are increasingly concerned about air quality, and reducing emissions from machines and vehicles is high priority. One solution to this is the use of petrol-fuelled engines, such as the ICE Urban 2260, which meets the requirements for emission reductions in cities, something that is of great importance both now and for years to come. With an inside turning radius of just 60 cm, the ICE Urban 2260 is compact, versatile, and easy to manoeuvre through narrow spaces.


As well as the machines mentioned above, the full ICE Urban range consists of a variety of machines suitable for all outdoor area sizes and cleaning requirements, with optional attachments for various uses e.g. landscaping, snow clearing, waste collection. Our wide range of equipment is available for either purchase, rental or flexible short-term hire. Having an extensive fleet of equipment enables us to respond quickly to ad-hoc requests or orders. Short term hire machines can be prepared and delivered within 24 hours upon request.