Outdoor Sweepers

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Outdoor Sweepers


Cover large areas quickly by choosing one of our market-leading outdoor sweepers. Designed to lift trodden dirt and grime effectively, our modern outdoor sweepers are perfect for use on a variety of surfaces. Whether you are working on decking or concrete, our machines work well on multiple surfaces, making them extremely versatile. Open up the possibilities with our industrial equipment.


Our simple to use ride-on outdoor sweepers will make your life considerably easier. Ideal for use in a number of conditions, our industrial cleaning equipment is extremely hardwearing. Built using modern materials and the latest technology, we are leaders in our field when it comes to cleaning equipment. Place your trust in us to revolutionise your cleaning routine with the help of some new additions.


From smaller pedestrian machines to larger industrial sweepers, our equipment means you will be able to cover large areas quickly. Delivering the deepest clean, the ICE Sweep comes with many modern features to elevate your cleaning experience. Easy to maintain and guaranteed to last, our state of the art industrial cleaning equipment is guaranteed to deliver high levels of performance every time.


outdoor sweepers


Pedestrian Sweepers


Our pedestrian outdoor sweepers are ideal for a convenient, quick clean. Walk behind our pedestrian sweepers that are easy to use whilst providing a powerful clean. Full training will be given with each of the machines, but if you need any additional help, you can access all of our detailed training videos online. At ICE, we aim to make the whole process as straightforward as possible, providing assistance at every stage.


Ideal for use on a variety of floor types, our pedestrian outdoor sweepers can be used in an intensive manner without losing any power. For the highest levels of productivity, use our outdoor sweepers to tackle even the toughest of tasks. Removing dirt and debris with ease, our innovative machines will clear any obstacles, removing hazards from different areas. Create a safe environment with our machines.


Ride-On Sweepers


We supply powerful ride-on outdoor sweepers for the best clean. The large industrial cleaning machines are able to tackle areas quickly, reducing the time you need to spend cleaning. Reduce manual labour with our modern equipment that comes with a variety of features to make your life easier. For medium or large size surfaces, choose our outdoor sweepers for guaranteed powerful performance.


Our outdoor sweepers are the perfect option for heavy duty tasks. Extremely hardwearing and durable, they can be used in a variety of conditions, ensuring a deep clean every time. Ideal for use in car parks and warehouses, these larger pieces of equipment are simple to handle, meaning you are able to manoeuvre them around any obstacle with ease. Choose from our extensive range of sweepers today.


outdoor sweeper prices


Unbeatable Results


At ICE, we promise to deliver unbeatable results every time. We harness the latest technology in our outdoor sweepers in order to achieve a powerful clean that lasts. Keep up appearances in your business with our modern outdoor sweepers that will remove dirt or grime. The hardwearing bristles underneath rotate quickly to effectively keep your space clear. Place your trust in us to deliver excellence.


All outdoor sweepers from our range are delivered quickly whilst full training will be provided to you and your employees. Our priority is to keep you safe; that’s why we put effective training programmes in place to ensure you feel confident when using your new machine. Work with our team of dedicated experts today to decide upon the best outdoor sweeper to suit your needs.


Range Of Machines


We have a huge range of outdoor sweepers available. These include the following:

Take your pick from our extensive collection of modern machines in order to find the right one to suit your needs. If you need help from a member of our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Outdoor Sweeper Prices


Upgrade your cleaning routine with an industrial outdoor sweeper. All our machines are available to purchase or hire online today. Take your pick from our collection!


Our experts are always on hand to answer your queries. Should you have any questions, please get in touch or give us a ring on 0800 389 3869. We look forward to hearing from you.