Pressure Washer Hire

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Hire our pressure washers for a reliable, powerful clean. The strong stream of water cuts through grime. Hire our equipment online.

Pressure Washer Hire

Elevate your cleaning to the next level with our modern pressure washers for hire. We have a range of equipment available, perfect for any industrial or commercial business. Pressure washers are the quick and effective way of achieving a deep clean, using water to lift dirt and stains. Powerful and easy to use, they make the perfect addition to any business. Choose our machines today.

We provide pressure washers to hire to make your life a little easier. Affordable and easy to use, they make the ideal addition to any business. Delivering a jet of powerful water, our pressure washers will help you clean hard to reach areas in no time. Invest in our modern cleaning machines to experience their many benefits. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the final results.

The pressure washers we provide are available for both short term and long term hire. The sturdy handle is easy to grip, meaning you will be able to control the machine safely. The hose reel also makes the pressure washer portable, allowing you to transport it to different locations. Compact in nature, it can be stored away neatly, taking up very little space in your business.

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We have a wide range of pressure washers available to hire. All of which are powerful and effective, cleaning surfaces in minutes. The versatile nature of this machine means it can be used on windows, driveways, decking and patios, depending on what you need it for. Our industrial cleaning equipment is made with the user in mind, meaning they are incredibly simple and safe to operate.

Pressure washers clean large surfaces quickly, reducing the time and money spent on manual labour. Use your time more effectively with our sophisticated cleaning equipment that is guaranteed to last for years. Never compromising on performance or quality, our solutions make light work of some of the toughest jobs. Switch your traditional cleaning methods to our cost-effective machines.


When you hire a pressure washer from us, you will be given full comprehensive training to ensure you can use it safely. Our team of experts have years of experience in the cleaning industry, offering the best advice and demonstrations to ensure you are confident using your new pressure washer. As the UK’s leading supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, we offer a professional, attentive service.

Hiring a pressure washer from ICE is incredibly straightforward. We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible, meaning all establishments will be able to benefit from our market-leading products. Supplying to hundreds of sites across the UK and Ireland, our pressure washers are used in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

pressure washer prices

Fast Turnaround

When you decide to hire a pressure washer from ICE, we aim to have it dispatched within 2 working days of payment. Our extremely fast turnaround times are unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to commence cleaning sooner than you thought possible. Once dispatched, your new pressure washer will be delivered in the next 2-3 working days. We will never leave you waiting.

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient turnaround times. Hire a pressure washer from us to experience excellent customer service and unbeatable results. Increase your cleaning productivity by 15% with our innovative machines that power through large areas of dirt and grime with ease. Every component in our pressure washers is carefully considered to ensure unrivalled results for your business.


Hiring a pressure washer will dramatically reduce the time you spend cleaning areas such as car parks, warehouses and pavements. The nozzle delivers a strong jet of water that cuts through hard trodden dirt. User friendly in design, our pressure washers are easy to store and transport, making your life a little bit easier. The nozzle can increase the pressure of the water.

Our pressure washers come with an electrical wire hook, allowing the cable to wind and unwind without getting tangled. Rarely needing to be repaired or replaced, our reliable cleaning equipment will provide you will hours of ultimate performance. The onboard pump oil tank makes it straightforward to refill your machine when you begin to run low on fuel.

Pressure Washers For Hire

Hire a modern pressure washer via our website. They can be hired on a long term or short term basis depending on your needs. Explore our range of machines to find the right one for your establishment.

If you have any further questions regarding the cleaning equipment we supply, complete our online contact form. Here you will be put in touch with a professional who will answer your query quickly. Alternatively, give our team a ring on 0800 389 3869.