Refurbished Cleaning Machines

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Refurbished cleaning machines

Our refurbished cleaning machines are available on a short term or long term hire basis. We have a selection of quality cleaning machines in this range, from lightweight handheld equipment to larger scale industrial solutions. All of which are simple to use whilst providing the highest levels of cleanliness for a huge variety of tasks. Rely on us to supply your business with the best refurbished cleaning machines. 


Do your bit for the environment and purchase a refurbished cleaning machine from ICE. Operating in just the same way as brand new equipment, our refurbished cleaning machines extend the lifecycle of our products, reducing overall costs. We have pieces of industrial equipment that are suited to any task, making it even easier for you to pick a machine to suit the busy demands of your growing business.


Whatever you require, we are guaranteed to have a refurbished cleaning machine you will love. Simply take a look at our plethora of market-leading products online today, all of which are available to purchase. Comprehensive training is also provided with our machines to ensure customers are able to use them safely. We have a number of detailed training videos that can be found on our website. 


ICE On Demand 

Our refurbished cleaning machines will be able to meet the growing demands of your business. That’s how ICE on demand was born, a collection of lightweight, handheld machines that you will be able to use any time, any place. Providing just the same levels of performance as some of our larger machines, this range of industrial cleaning equipment can tackle deep trodden dirt and stains with ease. 


Ideal for use in busy establishments such as restaurants and schools, our ICE on demand equipment boasts incredibly long running times, meaning you will never be caught up in annoying cords and cables. Made so they can easily avoid pesky obstacles and hazards, these refurbished cleaning machines can get into the tightest corners and tricky floor spaces. Take a look at our innovative products today. 


Single Disc Machines 

As well as many other pieces of equipment, our single disc machines make up this range. Ideal for use on a variety of hard surfaces, such as parquet, stone floors and lino, these refurbished cleaning machines are able to polish a surface with ease whilst lifting any dirt or stains. Small yet powerful, they make up a collection of single disc machines that run smoothly, thanks to their anti-vibration system. 


The high speed rotary is a refurbished cleaning machine of ours that is suitable for both wet and dry polishing as well as scrubbing. Our multi-use products are designed to tackle many different tasks making them both efficient and cost-effective. Save money in the long run with our refurbished cleaning machines that come with a number of different functions depending on the task in hand.

Escalator Cleaners

Escalator cleaners are pieces of equipment that don’t need to be used particularly often. That’s why our refurbished cleaning machines are perfect as they provide a powerful clean that is designed to last. Our escalator cleaners are battery powered too, meaning you won’t have to worry about long cords disrupting your routine. Our industrial equipment is durable and versatile.


Reaching even the tightest of corners, it is important that our refurnished cleaning equipment provides an unbeatable clean every time. This is the case, especially on escalators, whereby the level of cleanliness directly impacts the safety of your customers. To ensure the system runs smoothy, all elements need to be free of dirt and debris, so the escalator never becomes jammed whilst in use.

refurbished cleaning machine prices

Why Choose ICE?

Choose your industrial cleaning equipment from ICE today. As industrial and refurbished cleaning machine specialists, we have years of experience to bring customers the latest innovations in cleaning. Take a look at our huge selection of modern refurbished cleaning equipment to find something that suits the needs of your establishment. We make it easy to purchase our products online. 


Ensure the continued safety of your employees or customers by choosing our products to keep your space clean. Containing modern elements and innovative features, our refurbished cleaning equipment never compromises on the quality and style found in brand new machines. As a result, you can rest assured you are investing in market-leading products that are made to last. 


Refurbished Cleaning Machine Prices 

All of our refurbished cleaning machines can be easily purchased online. We always provide a convenient hiring service if you don’t have the space to store a machine or just need something for a one-off task. 


Please complete our online contact form today if you have any further questions for a member of our dedicated team. Or give us a call on 0800 389 3869.