Sanitisation With ICE

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Sanitise your business more effectively with our innovative cleaning machines. Our products will disinfect surfaces quickly. Purchase our equipment today.

Sanitisation With ICE


Sanitise your surfaces to the highest standards with our ICE cleaning equipment. We have a huge range of machines available, all of which are able to disinfect areas quickly. As cold and flu season is upon us, it is important that we continue to maintain hygiene levels in all areas. Protect your customers and employees from harmful viruses with our innovative products.


Our sanitising products produce a clinical clean to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. As people begin to spend more time indoors, the likelihood of infection is suddenly a lot higher. Consequently, it is imperative that we make sure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. This is especially the case in shopping centres and schools where hundreds of people enter daily.


Improve your sanitising methods with our equipment from ICE. Our portable, lightweight machines make light work of even the toughest cleaning jobs. Invest in our quality machines that are guaranteed to provide superior performance and long lasting results.  It’s never been easier to clean your surfaces with our sustainable solutions that can be used continuously without losing power.


ICE E-Spray


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Sanitise your business quickly and effectively with our ICE E-Spray. Designed to be portable and incredibly simple to use, the ICE E-Spray is the ideal way to sanitise large areas in an instant. This clever machine produces a fine, non-toxic mist that is attracted to different surface types. The disinfectant spray attracts itself to viruses and bacteria, killing them to prevent their spread.


The electrostatic charge is what helps to produce the targeted spray. Make sanitisation tasks more efficient with our ICE products that are comfortable to use and last for hours. Without the restriction of a cord, you are able to use our ICE E-Spray almost anywhere. The lithium battery also means it can be powered for several hours, never compromising on the performance or level of cleanliness.


Eco Bot 50 Sanitiser


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The sanitisation methods we provide at ICE are at the cutting edge of new technology. We are continually trying to improve the quality of our products to result in maximum performance. The Eco Bot 50 Sanitiser is no exception to this concept. This clever device is completely automated, meaning it is able to carry out tasks without human intervention. This will save you precious time.


Using a scrubber dryer system, it is able to sanitise a surface in minutes. Using ultrasonic disinfection atomisers, this machine will both clean and disinfect your floors simultaneously. With our clever docking system, this bot will charge, drain and refill the water tank itself, ready to go for its next session. The sanitisation methods we provide will revolutionise the way you clean.


ICE Fogger


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Another effective sanitisation machine from ICE is the Fogger. The ICE Fogger produces a fine spray of a chemical solution to eliminate any viruses or bacteria that may be living on your surfaces. Portable and easy to manoeuvre, it is ideal to perform disinfection tasks quickly whilst maintaining high standards. We never compromise on the quality clean our equipment produces.


The ICE Fogger can be used for sanitisation, sterilisation, pest control and air purification. This makes it perfect to be used in a variety of sectors including hotels, hospitals, retail and warehouses. The versatile nature of our cleaning machines means you are able to sanitise your surfaces on the go, never having to worry about losing power or having to refill tanks.


ICE Sanex


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The ICE Sanex is another great machine that can offer superior levels of sanitisation. Compact in design and lightweight to hold, it is ideal for disinfecting and deodorising enclosed environments such as shops or gyms. Operating on swivel wheels, it can be easily moved from room to room, making it easy for you to work around different departments in your business.


Like our other sanitising machines, the ICE Sanex produces a thin, automated mist of disinfectant particles that are evenly distributed on a surface. The particles, made up of approximately 8 microns, are small yet mighty, delivering outstanding results every time. Suitable for use in every sector, the ICE Sanex is safe to use after you have been given full comprehensive training by our experts.


Sanitisation Equipment Prices


Sanitise your business effectively with our cleaning products from ICE. We have an extensive range of equipment to choose from, all of which will disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria. Our products can be purchased on our website; take a look at what we have to offer.


If you have any further questions regarding the products we provide, use our online contact form to be put in touch with one of our professionals. If you would prefer to speak with a member of our team directly, give us a call on 0800 389 3869.