Street Cleaning

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Street Cleaning

At ICE, we have developed a range of high quality and sustainable cleaning solutions to combat street cleaning. We understand the importance of keeping outdoors areas such as car parks, forecourts and shop entrances clean. A clean environment is far safer and reduces the likelihood of accidents by members of the public.

We can offer our customers various heavy duty commercial sweepers that have the capacity to collect large volumes of waste and clean big areas quickly and efficiently. Our ICE Urban and Sweep ranges use innovative designs that are multi-functional and economical to operate. Our machines are able to perform well under all weather conditions.

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ICE Urban Street Cleaning

Our ICE Urban street cleaning range is the perfect way to clean town centres, streets, pavements and car parks. Our lightweight yet highly powerful designs are extremely easy to manoeuvre, allowing the operator to easily avoid and navigate around any obstacles. Our advanced range includes the ICE Urban 1250 Eco, ICE Urban 1400 Eco, ICE Urban 22602B, ICE Urban 3070. We guarantee you will find a solution to meet your needs.

Clear streets and pavements with ease with our ICE Urban street cleaning machines. Pedestrian areas like car parks and market squares need constantly sweeping each day. Our high performing cleaning machines will keep any environment free of potential hazards. From waste and dirt suction to washing features, street cleaning has never been more efficient. Reduce the potential of pest or rodent infestations by maintaining cleaner and more hygienic streets.

The ICE Urban machines perform incredibly well under all weather conditions. They can be fitted with an array of customisable attachments to ensure they work under any circumstances. From snow ploughs and brooms to mowers and trailers, our street cleaning equipment is manufactured to be completely versatile. A high pressure cleaner attachment can give streets and industrial sites the deepest clean possible.

ICE Urban machines offer the most effective and high performance street cleaning results. With advanced technology and increased manoeuvrability, our modern products can tackle any outdoor environment. Even the hardest to access surfaces can be cleaned with our innovative designs. Make any space safer with our street cleaning devices that can remove contaminants that would otherwise run into nearby water sources.

ICE Sweep Street Cleaning

All our street cleaning machines can either be purchased or hired on a long term or short term lease.  Our ICE Sweep range is available in a variety of sizes and operate well on a number of surfaces. From small pedestrian to large industrial sweepers, invest in ICE Sweep today to improve your cleaning solutions. The products available in this series are the ICE R Sweep 100, ICE R Sweep 60, ICE R Sweep 70, ICE R Sweep 80.

Our sweepers are available in pedestrian and ride-on options. Our Ice Sweepers are ideal for clearing all types of floor surfaces, including any outdoor environment. Designed to be used for a long time, our street cleaning equipment can be used in an intensive manner without slowing or losing power. ICE Sweep street cleaning equipment can withstand demanding working conditions, providing its operator with high performing results.

ICE ride-on sweepers are an effective way of cleaning large or expansive surfaces. Robust and resilient to all kinds of conditions, the sweepers are designed to provide a heavy duty clean and highly powerful results. Our street cleaning machines will keep any outdoor surface spotless and prolong the life and condition of a space. With over 50 years of expert experience, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results you can achieve.

Our street cleaning equipment can be operated by battery, petrol or diesel. This element depends on how you prefer your machines to operate and whether you have access to a power source. Training is also provided with our street cleaning products to make sure you can use your new purchase safely and efficiently. Our expert team can teach you how to operate your machine and get the most out of its integrated features.

ice street clean cost

Why Choose ICE Cleaning Equipment

We are the UK’s largest supplier of cleaning equipment. Our street cleaning equipment is modern, cost effective and user friendly. We offer fully refurbished street cleaning machines that are supported with an optional service provision across all models and brands. Top up training is also available through our ICE app. Access up to date, detailed videos about all our equipment from our team of professionals.

Street Cleaning Prices

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