Sustainable Cleaning Products

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Make an environmentally friendly change in your business with our sustainable cleaning products. We have a range of machines. Purchase online today.

Sustainable Cleaning Products

Reduce your overall environmental impact with our sustainable cleaning products. With the future of our planet on everyone’s lips, it is important we all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint. At ICE, we put several measures in place to ensure our innovative machines are as sustainable as possible. We reduce water waste as well as the use of disposable plastic and fuel.

Switch to our modern machines to experience a powerful clean for an affordable price. Our sustainable cleaning products are incredibly easy to use, delivering the highest levels of performance. Only occasionally needing to be charged or refilled, our innovative equipment will run for hours meaning your tasks are never interrupted. We make your life easier with our intuitive cleaning products.

Full comprehensive training is provided with our machines to ensure you use them safely. Our team of 50 engineers has years of experience in the industry, quickly resolving issues by offering their knowledge. We deliver sustainable cleaning products across the UK and Ireland to sectors such as retail, healthcare and education. Many high profile establishments trust our solutions.

Why Is Sustainable Cleaning Important?

Sustainable cleaning is incredibly important to protect the future of our planet. We all know the world is heating up; that’s why we have to do everything we can to make sure we contribute less to overall carbon emissions. At ICE, we offer all our customers sustainable cleaning products that are better for the environment. We continually filter and reuse water to reduce the waste we produce.

Adopting sustainable cleaning products in your business is an effective way to cut your hazardous waste production. Traditional chemicals and bleach often contain harsh substances that make their way back into our drainage systems. Not only is this bad for the interworking of these systems, but it could also have a detrimental impact on the environment. Make the necessary change today.

Aqueous Ozone

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To expand our range of sustainable cleaning products, we released the Aqueous Ozone. A non-toxic, sanitising solution, it effectively cleans surfaces to the same standards as traditional bleach. Completely harmless to humans and animals, you won’t have to worry about it in your drainage systems. Oxidising and drying within minutes, you can complete cleaning tasks quickly.

As the staple solution in our sustainable cleaning products, the Aqueous Ozone is effective against all kinds of bacteria, mould and viruses. Sanitising surfaces within minutes, this innovative product is easy and safe for all members of your staff to use. This makes it a great addition to any business as no COSHH training is required. Reduce your overall chemical usage with our help.

AquaSmart Max

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One of our most popular sustainable cleaning products, the AquaSmart Max can hold up to 11 litres of Aqueous Ozone solution. As a result, this makes it ideal for use in larger establishments such as hospitals where sanitiser needs to be readily available at all points in the day. The largest in our range, the AquaSmart Max will dramatically reduce your chemical waste and plastic consumption.

No replacement cartridges are needed, making this the ideal way to reduce your use of disposable plastic. At ICE, we are continually discovering new ways to make our cleaning products more sustainable, eliminating the ongoing costs associated with stabilising solutions and replacement parts. The sanitising solution we use is non-toxic yet provides the most powerful clean.

In Aqua Unit

Dramatically reduce your water consumption and waster over time with our sustainable cleaning products. Our In Aqua Unit is a clever machine that allows you to filter dirty water. As a result, the water can be used again, making your cleaning routine far more efficient. Collect the dirty water from your scrubber dryer and place it into the machine. It will be cleaned in just 30 minutes.

Cleaning up to 150 litres of water at one time, this sustainable cleaning product will significantly reduce your overall environmental impact. An independent free-standing system, it can be placed anywhere in your establishment depending on what suits you. Built with functionality and quality in mind, our water cleaning machines effectively separate and filter dirt and debris to dispose of.

Sustainable Cleaning Product Prices

Change your attitude to sanitisation with our sustainable cleaning products. We have a huge range of products to choose from; we guarantee you will be able to find something to suit your business. All our sustainable cleaning products can be purchased or hired here.

Please complete our simple online contact form if you have any further questions regarding the products we sell. Our team of experts are always on hand to answer your queries. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call directly on 0800 389 3869.