Sustainable Cleaning Through Innovation

Finding ways in which we can reduce water consumption is of huge importance, especially given the vast amount of water used during even simple cleaning operations. Thanks to the introduction of more and more innovative technologies, we are able to look at new ways of re-using water within the floor cleaning process, whilst ensuring that the quality of cleanliness is not impacted.


Water recycling capabilities within floor cleaning machines is one such example – the water used within scrubber dryers can be filtered and recycled whilst the machine is in use, dramatically reducing the amount of water needed, and resulting in savings of up to 1,000 litres per day!


This in-shift water-saving technology, which is contained in a number of ICE machines, optimises operator time, cleaning time and machine utilisation along with delivering productivity benefits of up to 70%. The sustainable solution recycles the water whilst the machine is in operation, giving freedom to clean with unparalleled output and efficiency. Plus, this self-cleaning filtering system can result in savings of up to 90% on water costs associated with cleaning.


Alongside equipment sustainability benefits, we must also look at our carbon footprint generated as an industry and find ways to reduce this. At ICE, we use video technology (ICE Smartcall) to fix simple machine issues without the need to send an engineer – in 2019 we completed over 3,450 calls via ICE Smartcall, the equivalent of 94 engineers, reducing wasted hours of unproductive cleaning and engineering time.


However, as service is at the heart of our business, we will always have engineers out on the road, therefore looking at other ways to be more sustainable is a necessity. This year we are embarking on a long-term initiative based around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – a global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We will be offsetting our carbon emissions for usage into global sustainability projects including tree planting, clean water initiatives & solar power projects. We have also implemented a sustainability portal implemented to record and reduce our waste & energy consumption.