Sustainable Solutions To Cleaning

Sustainable Solutions To Cleaning

With the future of the planet in our hands, we have developed a range of sustainable solutions to the most common cleaning dilemmas. Reduce your impact on the environment by choosing our state of the art, innovative equipment that will significantly reduce your water consumption. Despite this, our machines never compromise on the final result, always providing an unbeatable clean.

Simple to use and providing effective results, our sustainable solutions to cleaning will suit a variety of establishments. From schools to hospitals, we supply industrial cleaning machines that are compact and easy to manoeuvre around any obstacles. Covering large areas with ease, our modern machines use very little energy to achieve a powerful clean. All our machines can be purchased online.

Sustainable cleaning solutions are something we do best as we understand the importance of reducing our overall impact on the planet. By collectively contributing less to the waste we produce, we will be able to preserve the earth for longer. At ICE, we have designed equipment and sanitising solutions that significantly reduce chemical usage, water consumption and single plastic use.

Sustainability Commitment

Our ongoing commitment to the planet means we have pledged to become the industry’s most sustainable equipment service provider. We have begun doing this by sourcing responsibly and continually assessing the ways in which our machines can become more efficient whilst using less energy. As well as this, we continually gather data on our own carbon footprint to reduce and eventually offset this.

We have begun offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in solar panel projects worldwide. It is of the utmost importance to us that we practice what we preach, actively engaging in projects as well as supplying sustainable solutions to cleaning. In many areas, we aim to source equipment and parts that can be easily recycled, extending their lifespan.


At ICE, we aim to recycle the majority of parts to reduce our overall impact on the environment. Currently, we recycle 100% batteries, 84% of returned parts then 48% of parts and equipment are returned to the field. As a result, very little goes to waste as we make sure our equipment is able to live on. We have introduced sustainable solutions as part of every aspect of our company.

At ICE, we also offer fully refurbished cleaning equipment that performs to the same standards as new machines, without the price tag. Enjoy powerful performance with our ICE Direct service, where you will be able to benefit from refurbished machines that include a warranty. All equipment is delivered, and we will offer full training to ensure you can use your new machine safely.

ICE AquaSmart

Our ICE AquaSmart is a sustainable cleaning solution to your current cleaning regime. These clever machines eliminate the costs associated with stabilising products, saving you considerable amounts of money while significantly reducing your chemical usage. No replacement cartridges are needed too, again reducing the need for you to rely on single use plastics. Do your bit for the planet today.

The largest in the range, the AquaSmart Max produces up to 11 litres of Aqueous Ozone per minute, meaning you can cover large areas quickly. Used frequently in areas such as healthcare and schools, this modern unit is incredibly safe to use, with no COSHH training required. Effective against bacteria, as well as mould and viruses, make it an essential part of your cleaning routine.

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Choose ICE for the latest sustainable solutions to cleaning. We are able to provide a range of modern equipment for both hire and purchase, all of which can be found on our website. With 50 expert engineers stationed across the country, we are always on hand to help should you have any questions. Place your trust in us to deliver quality industrial cleaning machines to your business.

Sustainable Cleaning Machine Prices

We provide innovative, sustainable solutions to cleaning. Find out more online, where all our machines are available for hire or purchase.

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