Sweepers & Their Benefits

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Enjoy the many benefits of our compact sweepers. They are powerful, providing the ultimate clean. Purchase our sweepers today.

Sweepers & Their Benefits


Invest in our innovative sweepers to experience their many benefits. From pedestrian to ride-on machines, we have a range of versatile equipment available for any occasion. Our easy to operate sweepers provide hours of superior performance, never compromising on the quality of the clean. The innovative cleaning equipment we provide comes with comprehensive training.


Benefit from unrivalled cleaning performance with our lightweight yet powerful sweepers that are designed to combat a variety of surfaces. The rotating bristles underneath the vehicle spin quickly to effectively remove hard trodden dirt and grime. Experience the long list of benefits associated with our sophisticated sweepers today and be amazed by their effortless ability to clear debris.


Clean your surfaces with ease with our range of sweepers that are available for both long term and short term hire. Our cleaning machines are built with performance and quality in mind, consistently providing a thorough clean for a variety of public spaces. In order to prevent accidents, these areas must be kept free of any spills, harmful substances or rubbish.


Easy To Operate


One of the main benefits of our sweepers is how simple they are to operate. Once one of our professionals has trained you on your new machine, you will be able to use it uninterrupted for hours. Depending on your preference, we can offer battery, petrol or diesel power types, all of which provide outstanding results. Choose the best option to suit your business.


Benefit from a heavy-duty clean with our ICE Sweep. Ideal for a variety of floor types, our sweepers can be easily manoeuvred, so you are able to avoid any obstacles. From small to large sized surfaces, our cleaning machines can tackle a variety of environments whilst providing high levels of productivity. We make it easy for the user to perform industrial style cleans as often as needed.


sweepers and their benefits


Outdoor Use


Our modern sweepers are beneficial outdoors too. As the nights draw in and autumn is upon us, our industrial machines are able to effectively clear leaves and debris from footpaths and roads. Not only will this make any area look nicer, but it will also significantly reduce the possibility of an accident occurring. Wet leaves can be incredibly dangerous, creating a potential slip hazard.


Improve the safety of the area you are working on with our sophisticated sweepers that can be used in a variety of conditions. From outdoor to indoor use, our versatile cleaning machines make the perfect addition to any business. Benefit from a comfortable ride with our sweepers that use a combination of brushes for a great clean. Our ICE R Sweep 60 is ideal for clearing leaves and debris.


pedestrian sweeper prices




Benefit from a speedy and efficient clean with our ride on sweepers that can tackle large surfaces with ease. Perfect for use in warehouses and commercial businesses, our ICE R Sweep 70 is a powerful machine that performs the ultimate clean. Powered by either a battery or a petrol motor, it is both compact and lightweight, making it easy to avoid shelves and packing benches.


With automatic traction, this sweeper has a working width of just 70cm, meaning it can clean down aisles and corridors. The central brush rotates quickly to remove dirt from surfaces to create a safer working environment for your employees. Benefit from improved productivity levels with our range of sweepers that will save you the time and money you would usually spend on manual labour.


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Another benefit of our sweepers is their durability. Robust in nature, they are designed to tackle both flat and uneven surfaces to clear areas that were once cluttered and unclean. The box built frame and the central brush means the operator is able to stay very well balanced on the machine. At ICE, we like to ensure the user has the most comfortable experience possible.


All the main functions of our sweepers are hydraulic, making our machines a sustainable and reliable way of cleaning. We guarantee our machines will continue to perform well; however, if you encounter any problems, our skilled team of engineers is on hand. Benefit from their extensive sweeper knowledge, as they are able to solve issues quickly and remotely.


Sweeper Prices


To benefit from the performance of our sweepers, take a look at our range. From small to larger pieces of equipment, we are sure to have something to tackle your needs. All our sweepers can be purchased easily from our website.  


If you have any further questions about our sweepers or our other equipment, fill out our online contact form. Here, you will be put in touch with a member of our professional team. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 0800 389 3869.