Tesco Fulfilment Centre

Tesco Fulfilment Centre


ICE are currently carrying out a number of trials of our new robotic scrubber dryer – the Robo 2. Our most recent trial site is the Tesco Fulfilment Centre in Crawley, through our partners Servest. 

The machine was installed in August, and following a successful trial, the Robo 2 is now at the site permanently. ;

Installation and Mapping

Our engineers initially mapped the cleaning area, and trained the Servest cleaning team on how to use the machine. Scott Lelliott, Cleaning Supervisor for Servest said “the cleaning team have found the Robo 2 really easy to use. They come in, switch it on, take it to the area to be cleaned and off it goes.”

Robo 2 Performance – Customer Feedback

Scott is impressed with the Robo 2 performance, saying “the machine is very effective, it goes and does the job, and leaves the floor really clean – it’s a great piece of kit!” He also added “in comparison to the machines we have at the moment, the Robo 2 is very efficient and leaves the floor really dry.”

Productivity Results

The Robo 2 is cleaning between 300 and 400 m²/h. It runs for 3 hours on one charge and one tank of water. ;

Support from the ICE team

Paul Smith, Facilities Manager for Servest said “ICE have been very supportive with the machine. I have been really pleased with them taking time out to support us, and they have always communicated very well with the cleaning operatives on site. We have had a few issues with the machine, but these have been resolved very quickly by the ICE team.”

Customer Recommendations

The Servest cleaning team believe that the addition of a ‘pause’ function, which would enable the Robo 2 to be stopped in an emergency and then re-started from where it left off would be of real benefit. This has been fed back to the manufacturers, and is currently being worked on.

Both Paul and Scott believe that the Robo 2 works well in the fulfilment centre environment. Paul said “in my opinion, I think the machine is very good. I can see it increasing time-saving, it is ideal for this environment, and ultimately it is good for the future of the company.”

Next steps

The Robo 2 is now permanently installed in the Tesco Fulfilment Centre, and we will continue to collate feedback from the site. 

We would like to thank Servest, Scott Lelliott, Paul Smith and the Tesco Fulfilment Centre for taking part in the trial.

Watch this space for the next trial update!