Why Autonomous Cleaning is the Future

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Why Autonomous Cleaning is the Future

Autonomous cleaning is most definitely the future, transforming the way you and your team clean. Improving efficiency significantly, our Co-Botics range will complement your existing workforce rather than replace them. Improve the cleanliness and sanitisation of your business with our innovative equipment that is available to purchase or hire on our website. Take a look at our options.

Our Co-Botics range is a progressive way to improve your business. Reaching all corners of your space, our modern machines will make a fantastic addition to your establishment. Our machines are already being used widely in schools, hospitals and shopping centres, providing a powerful clean, without missing any spots. We use the latest technology in our cleaning equipment for market-leading results.

At ICE, we have become leaders when it comes to autonomous cleaning. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with market-leading products that will change the way you sanitise your space. We have a range of machines available in our Co-Botics collection in various sizes. We make it incredibly easy to find the right piece of equipment for your business. Contact our team today.

Navigation System

The innovative system onboard our Co-Botics machines makes them some of the most intuitive on the market. In an aim to make autonomous cleaning the future, our Co-Botic equipment is fitted with a camera and sensor technology, allowing them to avoid hazards and obstacles with ease. Autonomous cleaning machines are extremely reliable too, making them a great investment for your business.

Safe and reliable, our Co-Botics range can be fully operated, controlled and managed by those on site. The aim of autonomous cleaning is not to replace your workplace but to aid your team in improving overall productivity. Best of all, they are simple to use too, making our machines accessible to various businesses. We harness the latest technology onboard our products for market-leading results.


Safe to use, autonomous cleaning is certainly the future. Our progressive products will enhance the productivity of your workforce whilst reducing the need for manual labour. We are forward thinking when it comes to our cleaning equipment, using modern materials and technology to transform the way in which you sanitise your establishment. With long running times, you will never be disappointed when it comes to performance.

The fast mapping technology in our autonomous cleaning machines means that 3D maps of your space can be produced in under an hour. This is done via a tech and follow method or by using the Auto Map function. Alternatively, the operator is able to map the area themselves. Save time and money with our revolutionary equipment that will allow for collaborative work in your business.


Automated cleaning is a sustainable way to clean your business. The filtration system onboard the machine means that water will be recycled during operation, significantly reducing water waste over time. With a 4 stage water filtration inside the machine itself, it means that one tank will easily last the duration of the clean, making the process far more environmentally friendly.

Adopt our cleaning equipment of the future by choosing our modern automated cleaning machines. We continually assess the products we supply to ensure our customers receive some of the best innovations on the market. With integrated water recycling capabilities, our Co-Botic machines are far kinder to the environment than their alternatives. Choose our products for your business.

Why Choose ICE

At ICE, we believe automated cleaning is the future and, as a result, we are proud to supply some of the best machines on the market. Increase the productivity of your workforce with our state of the art equipment that is both safe and reliable. With our Co-Botics range, you can monitor run time, water usage and battery level for the best results every time. Take a look at our autonomous cleaning machines today.

Co-Botic Prices

We strongly believe autonomous cleaning is the future; that’s why we supply a range of innovative machines for a number of purposes. Our Co-Botic equipment can be purchased or leased.

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