Why Cleaning Your Building Is More Important Than Ever

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Cleaning your building is vital to prevent harmful bacteria. With our equipment, you can completely sanitise your workspace. Purchase cleaning machines from us.

Why Cleaning Your Building Is More Important Than Ever

Making sure your building is clean and sanitised is more important than ever. We actively encourage companies to adopt strict cleaning regimes daily. Not only does this prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, but it also creates a safer environment for your employees. There are a couple of sectors where this is particularly important including hospitals, schools and restaurants. All of these must comply with industry hygiene standards.

Restaurants must be continually cleaned and sanitised to eliminate dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli. All surfaces must be cleaned several times daily to make sure the workspace is as safe as possible. This is important not only for your paying customers but also for your employees. We can offer businesses fantastic sanitising solutions that make light work of even the toughest jobs. You will be able to complete cleaning tasks quickly and effectively.

Hospitals are also environments that must be kept incredibly sterile at all times. ICE is proud to supply to hospitals throughout the country to ensure they are as clean as possible. Our ICE steam is particularly effective at sanitising surfaces while keeping them completely dry. This will reduce the amount you spend on chemicals and provide you with a more natural solution. The equipment will completely rid surfaces of microorganisms.


Cleaning Post Covid

We now know more than ever how important it is to keep buildings sanitised to reduce the risk of serious viruses such as Covid. Although several social distancing rules are still in place in many workplaces, we still strongly encourage our customers to make sure they comply with the strictest cleaning procedures.

Not only has this been in place throughout the past year, but it something that should continue to be practised. Every business should carry out regular risk assessments to ensure everything runs as smoothly as it can do. Spotting and managing risks in your company is the best way to prevent potential accidents from happening.

Clean your building regularly to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. We have a range of sophisticated industrial and handheld machines that help make this daily task a lot easier. Not only will they save you valuable time, but they will also save you money in the long run. In addition, our team continually investigate sustainable methods of cleaning.

It is not surprising that in the wake of a pandemic everyone is looking to improve their company’s cleaning regimes. We believe great emphasis should be placed on ventilating spaces to make sure clean air can circulate around your premises. As well as this, you should make use of non-toxic chemicals and steam solutions to keep your space as hygienic as it can be.

Recycling Products

We have introduced many recycling schemes into our company to make it more sustainable. We recycle many parts of our machines to ensure we are producing little waste. Not only does this make our business more sustainable, but it is a far cleaner and greener way of working. By refurbishing our machine parts, we can automatically save you money.

Steam Cleaners

We can offer our customers a vast array of refurbished cleaning machines for short on long term hire. One of which is the revolutionary steam cleaners. This innovative piece of equipment will effectively sanitise any surface quickly to remove viruses and bacteria. Our steam cleaners will ensure your premises is kept to the highest possible standards.

Our refurbished steam cleaning machines are an extremely popular professional tool. Whether you own a restaurant, gym or an office, this piece of equipment will quickly and effectively sanitise your work surfaces. This refurbished cleaning machine uses a clever combination of water and heat to combat deep trodden dirt and grime. The steam is non-toxic, so it can be used around those with allergies.

We take the stress out of cleaning to provide our customers with quick and easy sanitising solutions. These everyday tools can be used to completely rid your building of harmful bacteria and viruses. This should be an integral part of your business and carried out everyday to make sure your working environment is as clean as possible.

why cleaning your building is important

Cleaning Equipment Prices

Purchase our equipment to ensure your building is cleaner than ever. We have a range of easy tools that can be used daily to rid your premises of grime and dirt. It is more important than ever to ensure your work environment is hygienic as it can be.

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