Many of our vacuums, scrubber dryers, and sweepers are feature rich with technology and include on-board telemetry and video tutorials explaining how to operate and maintain the equipment.

Equipment technology is becoming increasingly important in the market, and we have seen a rise in demand for machines with in-built technology that make cleaning more intelligent, interactive and easy. These machines enhance operator experience, with touchscreen video tutorials showing how to safely operate and maintain the equipment. It is also possible to set water flow, suction levels, pad/brush pressure and speed for different flooring types or zones within one site. This means the operator simply selects the zone they are cleaning, and the settings will adjust automatically.

Tracking the performance and utilisation of cleaning equipment is crucial within our industry. It can help businesses to reduce costs associated with machines that are under-utilised and provide invaluable data around equipment performance such as area cleaned, water usage, battery life, and impact damage.