At ICE, we are not only committed to a greener future through our own ESG strategy, but we also place the utmost focus on ensuring we offer products and services to customers that support their own sustainability goals and commitments.

Becoming an ICE customer means that you will have access to the most innovative sustainable solutions on the market.


As well as supporting our customers with a huge range of sustainable solutions, we are totally committed to reducing our own environmental impact through a range of initiatives. These include:


Battery and equipment recycling – we have fully equipped workshops for recycling/refurbishing equipment. All parts, consumables, batteries, and chargers replaced on site are returned to ICE. We currently recycle 100% batteries, 84% of returned parts and equipment, and 48% of parts and equipment are returned to the field.


Electric vehicles – we are currently transitioning to electric vehicles and are installing electric charging points at all our locations.


Annual carbon footprint analysis – understanding how we can improve our business operations to further reduce our Carbon footprint, and we have a detailed strategy in place to be Net Zero by 2030.


The ICE team are committed to developing partnerships with our customers that provide access to the latest sustainable and innovative technology in the cleaning industry.



Switching from traditional manual cleaning machines to autonomous equipment not only saves up to 1,628 hours of cleaning time per year, it can also save up to 139,412 litres of water annually compared to a traditional scrubber dryer. That’s equivalent to almost 1,000 baths!


Using Co-Botics equipment in collaboration with your cleaning teams supports staff welfare and aids the current employment crisis. The machines also produce detailed data which provides proof of area cleaned, which can be useful for insurance or liability purposes, and is ideal for high-risk environments.



This video calling technology (available through the ICE App) enables onsite operatives to instantly connect with an ICE Technician who guides them through steps to diagnose and fix simple equipment issues without the need to send an engineer to site.


This interactive service saves the equivalent of 7 Field Engineers, which in turn results in a massive 57.4 tonnes of carbon saved per year. This technology solution increases productivity and cleaning efficiency by reducing machinery downtime.

Ice aqua smart


Using a chemical free cleaning solution dramatically reduces chemical usage, single use plastics, and the carbon footprint of delivery of products to site. ICE Aquasmart transforms ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone (o³), a safe but powerful cleaning and sanitising solution perfect for any cleaning application or sector. Aqueous Ozone is a fully sustainable, natural cleaner and sanitiser, and is completely harmless to humans and animals. It is more powerful than bleach and is effective against bacteria, molds, and viruses.


Unlike other Aqueous Ozone systems, ICE AquaSmart eliminates the ongoing costs and plastic waste associated with stabilising products, as a result of not requiring replacement cartridges.



A number of scrubber dryers in our range have advance filtration systems to increase water recycling during operation.  This results in enhanced productivity from reduced emptying and re-filling frequencies, and a water saving of up to 60-70%. This technology is included in our MTech, Non-Stop Cleaning, and Co-Botics equipment.