ICE Aqua Smart
Non Stop Cleaning

An innovative water recycling system

Dramatically reduces water consumption and gives productivity & labour savings of over 25%

ICE R Scrub 85 (NSC)

The ICE R Scrub 85 (NSC) is supplied complete with an on board Non Stop Cleaning system.

The same water can be re-used for a week without having to empty and re-fill the tank. Not only does this dramatically cut water consumption, but also saves valuable time and labour.

ICE Aqua Smart Unit

The separate Aqua Smart (Non-Stop Cleaning) unit is essentially a washing machine for water.

The unit can can clean up to 150 litres in 30 minutes. The dirt from the water is seperated, collected in bags and dehydrated, making it easy to dispose of.

This independent free standing system gives all the benefits of the on board systems and can be used with any type of scrubber dryer.