This is our equipment and technology division, which encompasses our core machine range (including robotic cleaning equipment), and our market leading technology products - ICE App, ICE Locator, ICEtrak and Smartcall.

The ICE App contains a wide range of equipment training videos that you can access anywhere, at any time. With product guides and company information the ICE App has everything to keep you up to date.

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ICEtrak is a unique telemetry system that gives real-time visibility of your equipment, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your machines. The system can be fitted to a wide range of equipment brands, which enables us to support your entire estate.

ICEtrak can tell you where each machine is located, when it has been used and how long for – even down to the detail of how much water has been used. It also provides detailed Management Information about maintenance schedules, and when the next service is required. This information can be accessed remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

ICE locator uses Bluetooth and GPS, providing pin point accuracy of equipment locations. This gives customers complete visibility of all assets across their entire estate, which leads to a reduction in lost equipment, and improved billing accuracy. When the ICE engineer attends a maintenance visit we can be sure of capturing ALL assets quickly and efficiently.

This ‘industry first’ can provide unsurpassed accuracy in terms of asset data - particularly useful for the management of rental equipment.

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ICE Smartcall is a live video support call for onsite operatives and engineers - with a dedicated team of ICE specialists available to take their calls. At the touch of a button an ICE expert appears on the operatives mobile screen to help with any questions or problems. Our expert is also equipped with their own digital tools, with the ability to see what the operative shows them.

The ICE expert can then write on their screen to guide the operative through their problem. Our expert even can share the appropriate manual or navigate to any web page that will help them further, live on their phone or tablet.

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