Smx Disc


This standard 30” Disc Scrubber Dryer is the ideal pedestrian unit for the deep cleaning of medium to large areas, delivering superb cleaning performance. These machines provides simple, intuitive controls for ease of use and a 30-50kg brush pressure to ensure total cleaning efficiency.

Technical Information

Fresh water capacity 60 Ltr
Dirty water capacity 70 Ltr
Suction width 97 cm
Working width 66 cm
Power 24 V
Weight 150 kg
Productivity 2,900 m2/hr
Dimensions 136x68x105 cm
£2,394.00including VAT



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Training and education on the safe operation and maintenance of cleaning equipment is of utmost importance to ensure the machines are operational and working as they should. It is absolutely essential to maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

We have always placed training and education at the very heart of our strategy, and we have a specialist team who deliver every aspect of our equipment training.

Having a team purely focused on training means that the cleaning operatives benefit from a standardised and consistent approach, and this guarantees that all operators will be given the knowledge and skills to operate equipment safely and effectively. Operatives are shown step by step safe operational procedures of the machine, including daily and weekly maintenance tasks, to ensure that the equipment operates to its maximum potential.

We also offer top-up and refresher training through The ICE App. This includes equipment training videos, detailed product information and user guides for our core product range, meaning that cleaning operatives can access the information they need at any time.