Here are some things you can expect from the ICE Co-Botics Range:

  1. Autonomous navigation: Our fleet of Co-Bots are fully equipped with advanced sensors and navigation systems, which allows them to move autonomously and efficiently navigate complex environments. They are able to avoid obstacles, navigate around both static and mobile obstacles, and map out the cleaning area for optimal coverage.
  2. Enhanced cleaning capabilities: Cleaning robots will have improved cleaning mechanisms, such as advanced suction or brushing systems, to effectively clean different surfaces. They may also be equipped with technologies like UV-C lights and sanitising atomisers for disinfection purposes.
  3. Smart scheduling and customization: Our Eco Bots can be pre-programmed, allowing you to set specific cleaning times and frequencies. And even offer customization options, allowing you to specify cleaning patterns or target specific areas.
  4. Integration with smart systems: Many of the machines in the Co-Botics Range enable you to control and monitor them remotely. Our Mobile App and cloud-based reporting system alls you you to monitor productivity and usage from anywhere!
  5. Improved battery life and self-charging capabilities: Our Co-Botic machines have recently been updated with new batteries that have a longer battery life, enabling them to clean larger areas without frequent recharging. Several of the models in the range also have self-charging capabilities, where they autonomously return to their charging stations when the battery is low.
  6. Data collection and analytics: Commercial cleaning robots may have the ability to collect data during their cleaning operations, such as cleaning duration, areas covered, or even the detection of specific substances. This data can be used for analytics and optimization of cleaning processes.