ICE Robo 2

Scrubbing Discs

The three 22cm scrubbing discs provide a uniform and consistent clean.

Cleaning Solution Ratio Management

The cleaning solution ratio is precisely managed via the on-board dosing system. Simply insert the container into the Robo 2, and it will work out the correct dosage needed.

Curved Squeegee

The curved squeegee gives the Robo 2 outstanding pick up quality, not only in a straight line but whilst turning as well.

Diaphragm Water Tank

The diaphragm water tank maximises capacity, providing total autonomy throughout the cleaning cycle.

Tablet Style Interface

The tablet style interface allows intuitive control.

Autonomous Cleaning

The unique laser radar can see 25 meters ahead and pinpoints machine location precisely. This clever mapping function together with avoidance control allows the Robo 2 to clean, scrub and dry up to 2000m² totally autonomously on one charge.

Obstacle Avoidance

The 8 sonic bumper sensors and 4 vertical drop sensors facilitate complete obstacle avoidance.

Meet ICE Robo 2

The ICE Robo 2 is, quite simply, unique.

Using its patented laser navigation system, the Robo 2 detects its surroundings and automatically cleans the entire floor.


Following an installation survey by ICE technician to map the cleaning area, the machine scrubs and dries the floor, all with minimal human contact. The operator simply fills the machine with water, switches it on, and the Robo 2 does the rest!


The Robo 2 is ideal for the thorough cleaning of supermarkets, warehouses, showrooms, shopping centres, halls and public facilities.

Customer quotes

“I have found the performance exceptionally good compared to a normal scrubber dryer. It is the best machine I have seen in a long time.

I have been using scrubber dryers for the past 20 years, and I wouldn’t dare go as close to the edge as the Robo 2 does. It is a very, very good machine.”

Adrian Owens
CE Facilities Services Venue Cleaning Manager at the SSE Arena in Belfast

“The cleaning team have found the Robo 2 really easy to use. They come in, switch it on, take it to the area to be cleaned and off it goes.”

Scott Lelliott
Cleaning Supervisor, Servest

“In my opinion, I think the machine is very good. I can see it increasing time-saving, it is ideal for this environment, and ultimately it is good for the future of the company.”

Paul Smith
Facilities Manager, Servest