There are several reasons to hire a sweeping machine, including how it will make light work of cleaning a dusty area in a warehouse or externally where they can assist with litter and leaves. Commercial sweeping machine hire offers an efficiency that is second to none.


We have a range of small internal and external sweepers as well as ride-on sweepers that are better suited to car park and street environments within our hire fleet. Petrol, diesel, battery and LPG versions of our commercial sweeping machines are available to hire depending on site requirements.

KS1100 B

KS1100 B



Cleaning Width 71 cm
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 2525 m2/hr



Cleaning Width 60 cm
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 4,500 m2/hr
Run Time 2.5 hrs
Charge Time 2.5 hrs
Noise Level 60.5 dBA



Cleaning Width 65 cm
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 2,275 m2/hr
Run Time 1.5 hrs
Charge Time 1.5 hrs
Noise Level 74 dBA



Cleaning Width 85 cm
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 6,300 m2/hr
Run Time 3.5 hrs
Charge Time 3.5 hrs
Noise Level 74 dBA

Rent from our Range of Sweepers

For tight sweeping areas or narrow areas, we’d suggest hiring a small ride on sweeper or a pedestrian model. These machines are ideal for sweeping more compact spaces.


For large areas such as multi storey car parks, factory floors and distribution centres, our ride on sweepers are the best option for the job. This type of sweeper machine is equipped to cover larger areas and efficiently sweep up significant amounts of dust and debris.


We offer next day, nationwide delivery with hire options from 1 week to 5 years, as well as new and fully refurbished machine sales. To ensure a smooth handover any equipment we supply is installed by one of our professional team and provided with familiarisation on delivery together with our ongoing parts and service support.

An indoor sweeper is generally battery powered, although there are few restrictions on its power source. The outdoor sweepers you can hire through ICE have heavy duty tyres and a larger ground clearance. This makes it suitable to handle open, rough areas like car parks or private roads, where there is tougher terrain and curbs. We can advise you on the best equipment for your cleaning job, just get in contact with us today.

We supply our sweepers and provide service support throughout the UK. No matter where you are in the country, you can hire our products and get training to help you make the best of our products.

A sweeper removes and contains dust and debris from the floor. A scrubber wets, cleans and dries the floor in a single pass. If you are unsure of which product is best for your requirements, get in touch with us today.

Robust Range of Sweepers

Our robust range of sweepers is ideally suited for use in demanding environments such as construction sites, car parks, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.


Whilst using a broom can actually create more dust, sweepers can capture dust and debris in one single pass. This makes the job more efficient and saves you on time and labour costs. Every machine is reconditioned to a meticulous standard at our dedicated and purpose built workshops, giving you total peace of mind every time.

Benefits of Hiring Sweepers

By renting from the range of ICE’s sweepers you won’t have to spend out on maintenance issues. Maintenance is included, avoiding any possible extra expenses and hassle that may occur when owning the equipment.


Hiring from our range of sweepers can help municipalities clean the streets, construction operations keep their sites free from debris, or to clear up after a building project. Hiring is an ideal choice if you need to replace a unit that is temporarily out of commission.


All our sweepers are available for both long and short term rental. We will negotiate a term and contract to best suit your needs. Our rental sweepers are fully maintained and come with full training, so your costs are clearly defined. Get in touch with us today to get a quote on either long term or short term sweeper hire.


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