Cleaning Equipment Supply & Service Experts

With over 50 years of experience, ICE is the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment. We manage thousands of sites across the UK and Ireland in a wide variety of sectors including retail, healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and education.

Equipment Offering

Providing everything relating to cleaning equipment purchase, rental/lease, maintenance, and management.

We supply and service a huge range of cleaning machines to suit every need and budget – from low cost robust equipment, through to high end machines packed with innovative technology and features.

Service & Maintenance Experts

We have a team of 50 highly skilled engineers nationwide, and a dedicated equipment training team who ensure cleaning operatives can confidently use and maintain the equipment.

ICE has designed 4 simple aftercare packages offering everything from “light touch” support to “fully inclusive” fixed-cost solutions.

Sustainability Focused

At ICE, we are not only committed to a greener future through our own ESG strategy, but we also place the utmost focus on ensuring we offer products and services to customers that support their own sustainability goals and commitments.

Becoming an ICE customer means that you will have access to the most innovative sustainable solutions on the market.

Experts in Robotics

We have over a decade of experience in robotic floor cleaning machines. ICE Co-Botics is our complete range of autonomous vacuums, scrubber dryers, and sweepers in various sizes, suitable for a whole host of environments.

They are designed to work alongside your cleaning teams, allowing operatives to focus on crucial detailed cleaning tasks.

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