Long Term Rental
(52+ Weeks)

ICE Rental is the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive long term hire model. You will receive access to a whole range of innovative equipment without the requirement for capital spend.

It is fully flexible and designed to expand with your contract, minimising risks associated with traditional equipment purchasing.

ICE Rental minimises the risks associated with equipment purchasing and offers an all inclusive service model that fixes costs. We can provide cost-effective rental options for up to seven years.

The biggest benefit of long term hire is that we handle equipment maintenance and ensure that all machines are fully compliant. As a result, companies can reap all the benefits of having robust and reliable equipment without the unknown expense and inconvenience of maintaining or repairing it.

Short Term Rental
(1- 51 Weeks)

With over 50 years’ experience supplying industrial cleaning equipment, we know that at times you need to be reactive and hire cleaning machines for specific needs or events on a short term basis.

We have a wide range of machines available for short term hire, from as little as one day up to a year. Our team of dedicated industrial cleaning equipment experts are on hand to deliver, train and collect the machines, and our sales team can offer expertise and advice to ensure you select the right equipment for your needs.

Equipment Hire FAQs

Short term industrial cleaning equipment hire is becoming more and more popular, due to its cost effectiveness and flexibility. It can be difficult to own every piece of equipment for every eventuality, customer and project. Very few individuals and businesses have the space to keep a range of cleaning equipment on hand, just in case.

Even having the basic equipment in the right location can be time consuming. The logistics of getting from one site to another and then the equipment back to its original site again is very laborious and ultimately expensive. So, hiring an industrial vacuum cleaner or hiring a ride on scrubber dryer to be in the right place, at the right time, to do the right job is the answer.

Choosing long term hire will help you manage your fixed costs and remove the need for capital spend.

This minimises the risks associated with equipment purchasing and provides absolute flexibility as your contract evolves and changes. It is also possible to add and remove machines based on seasonal requirements, such as hiring sweeping machines in the autumn.

The long term hire of cleaning equipment also offers more flexibility, while companies navigate demand and familiarize themselves with the practical output of each product. As the business grows, so will the demand for larger products or more advanced technologies, we can resolve that issue with our range of advanced equipment. Get in touch with our team today.

Delivery & Training can be supplied by our ICE Product Genuis Team but is chargeable based on location and equipment type. Please contact us for more details.