On Demand
Floor Sweeper: ICE Sweep

The ICE Sweep is a cordless floor sweeper machine. Get in touch today to learn more about our floor sweeping machines.

Sweeping Machine: ICE Sweep 50 B

The ICE Sweep 50 B sweeping machine represents an advancement in the field of cleaning technology. Offering a compact yet…

Ride-on Sweeper: ICE R Sweep 60 B

The ICE R Sweep 60 B is a ride on sweeping machine suitable for both indoor & outdoor spaces. Popular in industrial & commercial sectors.

ICE R Sweep 70 B

The ICE R Sweep 70 is a ride on sweeping machine suitable for commercial & industrial cleaning of surfaces up to 10,000 square metres

ICE R Sweep 70 P

Tackle those large commercial and industrial cleaning jobs with ease and efficiency. The ICE R Sweep 70 industrial sweeper brings…

ICE R Sweep 80 D

The ICE R Sweep 80 D is a versatile mini road sweeper for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Tough dirt, tight…

ICE R Sweep 100 D

The ICE R Sweep 100 is suitable for cleaning the most resistant dirt on outdoor and indoor surfaces such as…

Road Sweepers
ICE Urban 2150

The ICE Urban 2150 is compact outdoor cleaning machine with a wide range of attachments and flexibility of the ICE…

Road Sweepers
ICE Urban 2260 2B

With the ICE Urban 2260, all your outdoor sweeping, ground care and winter service jobs are made easy. The ICE…

Road Sweepers
Road Sweeper: ICE Urban 3070

The ICE Urban 3070 road sweeper prioritises operator comfort and ease of use. Its powerful 70 HP engine, 1m³ tank…

ICE Urban 2000

The ICE Urban 2000 will improve productivity and efficiencies thanks to the built in on-board pressure washer, and an automatic…

ICE Urban 1350

It is so compact and easy to handle that it can be driven with one hand and does not require…