It is so compact and easy to handle that it can be driven with one hand and does not require a license to operate.

With ICE Urban 1350, you can move easily between benches and trees and, thanks to the chariot, you can comfortably drive it for long stretches from one area to another.

Thanks to the mechanical action of the central brush, waste is collected inside the 135 litre bin, while the powerful filtering system absorbs and retains PM10 fine dust, sending clean air into the environment. The suction hose allows you to remove dirt from tight corners and spaces that cannot be reached by brushes, such as between bicycle racks or in flower beds.

Technical Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 x 127 x 114 cm
Fresh water capacity 30 ltr
Hopper capacity 135 ltr
Max speed 7 km/h
Power type Battery
Run time 8 hours
Working width 125 cm


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