Robotic Scrubber Dryer
Eco Bot 75

The Eco Bot Scrub 75 is the new class leader in autonomous cleaning robotics from ICE is extremely quick and easy to map the commercial & residential areas to be cleaned.

ICE Robotic machine cleaning alongside a living plant wall
Robotic Scrubber Dryer
Eco Bot 50+

The Eco Bot 50+ is an easy to operate robotic scrubber dryer. It takes just 30 minutes to map a…

Robotic Scrubber Dryer
Eco Bot 50 Combi

The Eco Bot 50 Combi is an automated scrubber dryer that has been specially designed to sweep and scrub surfaces…

Service Stations
Eco Bot 50 Service Station

AUTO REFILLING & EMPTYING The Eco Bot 50 will automatically return to the service station when either the fresh water…

Robotic Combination Machine

The Phantas is a small machine with a 30 cm cleaning width¬†that literally cleans right up to edges and corners,…

Robotic Sweeper
Eco Sweep 111

The Eco Sweep 111 is a autonomous heavy duty sweeper, ideal for both internal and external environments.

Robotic Vacuum
Eco Vac 40

The ICE Eco Vac 40 is perfect for the consistent cleaning of supermarkets, showrooms, shopping centres, and public facilities. Advanced Safety & Navigation System include when you hire from ICE.

Robotic Vacuum
Mini Bot I

The IRIS is a charging station that holds 8 Mini Bots for easy transportation and distribution. The IRIS is a…

Robotic Vacuum
Mini Bot II

The Mini Bot II is a robotic vacuum with an auto-empty and charge docking station. This unit vacuums for up…

Robotic Vacuum
Mini Bot III

The Mini Bot lll new intelligent robotic machine that vacuums, mops & cleans itself. Featuring Voice Assistant, fully automated cleaning…